Monday , June 21 2021

Personal attacks against yoga teachers in Linz

In a well-known yoga studio in Linz, he should have had physical and emotional attacks on the school principal to the participants of the course. This was published on Sunday.

According to the statements of several persons concerned, according to which students in yoga should be abused under the pretext of spirituality.

In addition to conventional yoga classes, tantra massages were also practiced with sexual assaults. Two students described such attacks.

Sex with more men was recommended. In men's workshops, pupils learned to "hunt" women and not accept "no".

However, there are currently no complaints from the police or the prosecutor's office. However, according to the press spokesman Philip Christel, the prosecution would act on its own initiative and investigate suspicions after such accusations took place in the media.

The leader of the Yoga School, who was educated in Thailand at the Institute, in which 40 women were charged with sexual abuse, rejected the allegations. The presumption of innocence is in him.

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