Orangutan orphan babies learn to climb the four puppies in the forest school


Jakarta / Vienna (APA) – The four orangutan dolls go to Gondar, Tegar, Kartini and Gerhana. Mountaineering is on the schedule of the Fourpaw Forest School in Borneo, Kalimantan, eastern. Because Orangutans are perfectly equipped for tree life. Mountaineering should also be learned and practiced by the apes, they said on Friday the broadcast of the animal welfare organization.

Usually, orangutan babies learn these survival skills from their mother. Gondar, Tegar, Kartini, and Gerhana, however, had to witness how they were killed. In the care of their mother-in-law, mothers and mammals are currently in more than 25 meters tall tropical trees.

First, the replacement mothers had to learn to make the trees safe. The American organization, the Tree Monkey Project, has therefore sent a team of professional climbers to train the zookeepers and nurses. "One of the guiding principles of the forestry school is that we do not humanize the orangutans, but people in Veranangutan," said Signe Preuschoft Primatologist, project manager for Four Paws. – That means we did not bring the golden oranges down to earth but send people to the trees.

Last week, mountain climbing lessons began for forest students. Gondar, Tegar, Kartini and Gerhana first planted their replacement mother with trees. All four orangutan babies were willing to learn and wonder, but at the same time they were angry with the mountaineering mummies, and hesitated a little. "The orangutans can climb like cats," explained Preuschoft. "He climbs up to the tree, does not fall down and starts to cry. That year, once a year, Gonda happened last year.

Strictly, Preuschoft and his team do not contribute much to orangutan orphans. "We are very much like the orangutan mothers: do it and join when it comes to exploring things. It's important that an orangutan child can return to maternal hugging at any time," said the primatologist.

Orangutans go through several stages of rehabilitation. As a baby, they first live in the care of mother-in-law mother-in-law and visit the kindergarten. Beginning at least two years old, young children visit the forest school where there are ripe tropical trees with liana. With increasing competence, orangutans become more and more enterprising and visit the so-called Forest Academy. When and when an orangutan can actually get out of the big outdoors, his four-legged team decides.


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