Sunday , January 17 2021

Nearly 3,000 mandates and advertisements in another prison

The lion’s share was 2,208 advertisements under the Covid-19 Measures Act, in 675 cases it remained with board mandates. With 39 board terms due to the Epidemic Act of 1950, there were 2,922 enforcement appeals by executors, with data from Vorarlberg for Friday being exceptional.

On Friday, police had enough to do with Corona, there were 222 reports and 67 or three board terms. Three official acts related to demonstrations against government measures: A rally was held in Neusiedl am See on the topic “Endangering fundamental and free rights with closure laws and coronation laws”. According to the Interior Ministry, the participants did not wear mouth and nose protection and were reported.

Also on Friday, there was a flash mob in Vienna in Hietzing on the topic of “anti-crown measures”. Of the approximately 20 people, nine received complaints of non-compliance with MNS obligations. On the same day, 50 people met in Wolfsberg for an unannounced “demo against Corona”. Participants stated that it would only be a joint walk and separated after the arrival of the police, so they saw no further reason to intervene.



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