Thursday , August 5 2021

Monitoring package: Wolff is pleased with the VfGH review

Wolff talks about "universal and suspicious independent total control".

The actions contained in the NEOS application – video surveillance and registration of license plates – have already been criticized by lawyers in their comments. Not only are the car's tablets recorded, but also the type of vehicle, the color and characteristics of the passenger's face Wolff for "exceeding". "Non-discriminatory and suspicious independent full control" is constitutionally questionable.

It also develops video surveillance – that all legal entities that fulfill the delivery order (for example railways, bus companies, provincial government, municipal offices), and, where possible, provide security authorities with real-time video clips. "VfGH will definitely watch it with great accuracy," he says Wolff,

Population "suspicious"

Because it would go too far if "the whole population doubted it is storing pictures because someone has done an act or could do it."

If we want – as some countries – have extensive video surveillance, they should be regulated in accordance with fundamental rights, so access to the data is only permitted with "very strict cancellation obligations". However, this was not done with a "security package". Wolff,

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