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Metallica concert in Cologne: Band must pay for "Viva Colonia" -Cover – Cologne


At the Metallica Stadium concert on Thursday in Cologne, this was the moment when she was surprised by her short Metal versions of Köln's cult hits "Viva Colonia". For a good minute, the sounds of Kölsch sounded in a wide circle.

The performance "Viva Colonia" can be metallica, however, about 7000 euros for Gema fees (royalties) cost, as Gema representative BILD exemplary calculations. This is due to some 50,000 visitors who paid around 100 euros per ticket.

Gema fees or not, the Höhner group is still proud that Metallica has covered their song and even wants to return the favor:

Frontman Henning Krautmacher (62) about BILD: "For us and for all galleries it is an honor that a mega-band, like Metallica, is dealing with Cole." Now Krautmacher wants a kölschen version "Nothing else matters" work – Title: "Everything else is not important" …

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Photo: Felix Hörhager / dpa

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Höhner's singer Henning Krautmacher is honoredPhoto: Felix Hörhager / dpa

Krautmacher even said the opposite was to the American group: "Our technology chief, Rolf Steinmetz, is a friend of the Metallica crew and immediately invited the band and crew to our Höhner Rockin 'Roncalli show in Oberhausen. Let's see what happens.

And yet: "We've heard Viva Colonia in many languages ​​and genres, but we're still missing Heavy Metal. Mega-Hammer!"

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