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Meeting space instead of trainer


The new season of the home football league has not yet started, but the first derby derby won yesterday in Austria. For the presentation of Peter Stöger as the new sports director, lovers put in a media shadow of a competitor from Hütteldorf, who was previously invited to a press conference on the start of the season. Returning home Stögers was for football fans, number one, although the deal had long been signed.

"I am now fully convinced that, after many reflections and reflections, this is absolutely the right decision," said Stöger, who, after four successful years in Cologne and seven months in Dortmund last year without commitment. The 53-year-old did not want to confirm that he ended his coaching career by moving to a violent session. Stöger: "I'm too long in this business to stop finishing."

The Dunajci have so far received a two-year contract as a member of the Sports Committee in Austria. The term is related to the agreement of the club with the chief economic officer Markus Kraetschmer. In Austria, the position of sports director was not filled since the departure of Thomas Paritsa 2015. Franz Wohlfahrt (until the summer of 2018) and now Ralf Muhr works as a sports director and is equipped with little authority.

Stöger is expected to have recently (well-endowed) bids from the other English division and China. Returning to Vienna, Austria was a surprise. His thinking? "It's an interesting task for me to design a club that I understand well, an athlete in a leading position and helping with development." The fact that he has an excellent position in the favorites with the fans as well as with President Franco Hensel is probably also playing an important role.

Welser Legendentreff with Stöger and "Stand"

The list of celebrity football stars on Sunday at the Welser Huber Arena (from 3 pm) is prolonged. In addition to the Austrian new sports director Peter Stöger and former international Tony Polster, Andreas Herzog, Walter Schachner, Heim Pfeifenberger, Helge Payer or Paul Scharner, organizer Ralph Schader is now also an "old friend" who can make sure he is at Wels. Russian head of the team Stanislaw Chertschessow will fly directly from Moscow. The legendary game starts at 4pm. From 18:00 hrs Adi Hütter's club Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Wels. Tickets are available in all branches of Sparkasse Oberösterreich.



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