Max Verstappen is angry when Vettel maneuver Q3: "These are such a jerk!"


( – Max Verstappen qualifies for China Grand Prix (Formula 1 2019 lives in the Sticker!) especially angry. In the third quarter, the Dutchman was able to drive to another type. However, until the end of the race, he did not reach the finish line – he must start with the heel on Sunday. Responsible for the missed opportunity to compete and the missing radio message.

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Max Verstappen drives too late over the finish line and misses the last attempt zoom

"I'm done, right?" In the last sector on the team radio asks Verstappen. When he turns to the back of the corner and sees the traffic light from beginning to end from green to red, he becomes angry. Everyone cites and just screws up, just wants to be kind and confusing, "said the 21-year-old.

Around 1:50 hours were still on the clock, they were the best favorites for a decisive test once again on the track. The chain was led by Lewis Hamilton. The British was a little "gecruist" in his heating circuit, commented Mercedes-Benz's Toto Wolff.

Verstappen: Vettel violated the Gentleman's Agreement

With the slow Outlap, the Mercedes driver made the next pilots close together. In the last sector, everyone wanted to get to the air for his fast lap, and there was a small traffic jam. Verstappen was originally in fourth place, but Sebastian Vettel overtook him for a long time.

As a result, he lost his momentum and must have been aware that he would not reach the finish lines in time. "It's a pity, of course, because we have a gentleman's agreement that you can not overtake in the last sector, but that's what it is now." Not only Vettel crossed the Red Bull, Renault drivers beat him.

Pierre Gasly's teammate, too, came to the slow Verstappen in the last corner, but he still managed to stop the touch. The Dutch are disappointed by his colleagues who behaved unfairly in his eyes. "I tried Ferrari [Leclerc] follow me. Of course, you could overtake him, but you do not do that. "After all, he did not want to be a" jerk ".

Vettel defends: "He only had ten seconds"

According to qualifications, Vettel admits he had to hurry to make another quick round: "Really, I'm happy that I managed to make the final attempt because the time was very tight, we only had ten seconds of air. time.

Because the German was for the first time disappeared as the last driver of the highest group on the track. "I was at the end of the queue, which was quite difficult, and when the team told me we had only ten seconds to cross the line over time, I had to respond."

If all the pilots would give more fuel in the end, they would have done it all, the German believes. "At that time, I was just convinced that I could ride in my arms." And he notes: "It seemed as if others were not aware of this, [dass nur noch so wenig Zeit übrig war]. "

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After qualifying, Verstappen also admitted: "I did not know how much time left and left for Ferrari, I thought we had another 20 seconds, but they told other drivers that it was about ten seconds left, so they were caught . "

He can even understand that Vettel followed the instructions of his engineer: "When you get a signal from an engineer, you hurry, of course, this did not go well, but it could be the other way around."

Verstappen obviously got his engineer's announcement too late. This overtaking in the last sector as well as the lack of a radio signal would cause disappointment, analyzes the 21-year-old. "I think we all went too late and waited too long," he says.

Verstappen: "Of course, I will not forget that"

"If I came over this, the pilots would not do it for me." Two Haas pilots Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean had no chance. "It's not serious now," the Frenchman said in a nonsense.

Verstappen finally missed the green light for "one, two" seconds and must satisfy the fifth place. Of course, I will not forget that I will be able to qualify for the next time, "said a small return coach. In an interview with Ziggo Sport, he added:" From now on I will also spoil their qualifications! "

Even Renault could not have made a better round (from 1: 32.089 minutes / + 0.542 seconds). "I could start my circle behind them, but that would have been ruined, because you needed four or five seconds."

Otherwise, the bolts would be struck by a whirlwind. "It's just annoying because we could have been third." Two-tenths of a second was missing at the end of the Dutchman.

"Look, Sebastian Vettel!" Nico Rosberg, his companion, warns, "for what you definitely do not want is a mad Max Verstappen," says German Sky. The pendulum will turn in the other direction, Verstappen believes. Anyway, she has to overtake more in the race. He's happy with the pace. On Sunday, he will try to get to the stairs.


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