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You can currently buy the PS5 from Saturn and Media Markt. Both stores show the availability of traffic lights for multiple offerings, such as the PS5 with drive and the Playstation 5 with Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut. They are constantly jumping on the green, so patience is needed. As always with Media Markt and Saturn, the following applies: As long as the scoreboard appears, you can reactivate the offer or start the payment process for the goods in the shopping cart.

Buy the Playstation 5 at MediaMarkt

How do we assess the state of the PS5 on Amazon in October?

Sony and Amazon are global corporations with billions in sales. But the PS5 semiconductor maker competes with other global corporations such as Nvidia, AMD, Tesla, Daimler-Benz and countless other global players. And it happens that even the mighty shipping giant Amazon is currently unable to provide a permanent Playstation 5 offering. To buy a PS5 on Amazon, you have to live with weekly breaks between sales campaigns and sales windows for about 20 minutes. It’s a gift that you still have to be a Prime member to order a Playstation 5, because for Amazon Prime it’s finally a free trial month. As far as we would like to see the situation improve in October, there is currently no indication that the situation in the semiconductor market is easing. On the contrary, it is known that before Christmas, the demand for electronic products increases. So you should actually follow the advice of the trade association and now start chasing Christmas presents – and, if possible, use one of the following PS5 sales campaigns on Amazon.

What are our expectations from other PS5 vendors in October?

However, Media Markt and Saturn have managed this, two sister stores have recently been able to deliver larger quantities to the PS5 than Amazon. Last but not least, this is related to the latest pre-order and takeover campaign, which Sony probably convinced so much that the PS5 manufacturer was ready to deliver a large contingent of Playstation 5 to MediaMarkt and Saturn. This could happen again in October, as the campaign has proven to protect against scalpers and attract buyers to markets. Online stores like Expert, Alternate, or Euronics, however, are increasingly looking into pipes or attracting PS5 customers to mini-contingent stores, as Computer Universe has done today with overpriced offerings for the Playstation 5 Standard and PS5 Digital. Is there any improvement in sight? Unfortunately, we cannot give everything clear here either. There haven’t even been any major PS5 sales campaigns by Otto lately, which months ago was still able to offer thousands of PS5 consoles at least every few weeks. We are sure that you will still be able to buy the PS5 in German stores. However, the frequency and duration of sales promotions in October is unlikely to improve. Even the forecast for 2022 looks bleak.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Shortage should be a problem in 2022 as well

Xbox department head Phil Spencer told The Wrap website that he expects a shortage of next-generation consoles such as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X next year. According to Phil Spencer, the problem isn’t just that there aren’t enough chips available for game consoles. Instead, several factors play a role. Some of the different components of the console are difficult to deliver. There are also challenges in the supply chain to be able to ship end consoles at all.

Sony and Microsoft with a market introduction for consoles

Sony and Microsoft are writing about the largest and most successful console market introduction in their history. Manufacturers always count consoles that they themselves have delivered to retailers. It shows that there are not twice as many PS5 consoles in circulation as the Xbox Series X. According to statistics, by July 2021, almost six million Xbox Series X units and about 10.4 million Playstation 5 units had been sold worldwide.

Win 4x PS5 with the PS5 game and remote control

The conditions of participation in the Amazon competition have changed slightly compared to the recent chance to win. If you prefer to win the Playstation 5 instead of buying the PS5, you should like or follow the @primevideosportde contest on Instagram. You should also tag a friend here and share the post in the story. With a little luck, you can finally get the long-awaited PS5 powered and top-notch Ghost of Tsushima game. The Amazon and Prime Video PS5 competition will run through Oct. 19, 6:59 p.m. People aged 18 and over are eligible. Keeping fingers crossed!

Playstation 5 on Amazon

Buy FIFA 22 for PS5 in an economical package

In addition to the best-selling Ghost ot Tsushima Directors Cut, which you can win on Amazon with the PS5, there is currently another title in many mouths among PS5 fans. FIFA 22 will go on sale on October 1st. At Otto, the FIFA 22 for the PS5 is in a double pack at a budget price of € 129.99. So if you want to buy a FIFA 22 for yourself and for a friend, save a lot of money, for example compared to the FIFA 22 Amazon Standard Plus Edition, which you can order for € 74.99.

We expect the PS5 to be available for reorder soon

Playstation 5 on Amazon

Playstation 5 on MediaMarkt


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PS5 graphics cracker? Ride 4 triggers a discussion of photorealism

The Ride 4 motorcycle racing game was actually released on the Playstation 5 earlier this year, but a recent video has now enthralled many gamers and led to many debates. The video for Ride 4 on the Playstation 5 in UHD resolution along with HDR at 60 frames per second has recently gone viral because it looks particularly realistic graphically. The game has been available for PCs and old consoles since the end of last year, while current consoles in the form of the PS5 and Xbox Series X were up earlier this year, but many players clearly didn’t have the potential title on their screen.

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