In Italy, Portugal beat the 0-0 league league in


Portugal also scored without the star superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as the first team to become the final soccer player of the Football League. He handed the European champion a victory ball on Saturday in Italian Milan in Italy. "Squadra Azzurra" finished with five points in second place and thus acted contrary to the last light that Poland remained in the A-League.

23:32, 17 November 2018


The Italians were much stronger before the break, but the Portuguese had a better moment later. The draw was therefore effective. 34-year-old defender Giorgio Chiellini was pleased at the 100th international competition for Italy, so it was only partial success. The home page did not go without a goal in its 30 home games.

The Italians worked at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium to motivated hand-motions, let the ball competitively compete and dearly invite guests to its half. In the five minutes, the home side threatened with a double chance: goalkeeper Rui Patricio paralyzed the sign, and Ciro Immobile's debt was close to the door.

The ending or part of the last pass was also the only weak point in the episode that Italians could additionally play with. Patrico was again in a stationary stage, distinguishing between her legs (35), and Bonucci's head was also close (36). Portugal seemed to have decided to draw and had no chance at all.

At the turn of the century, Italians were less dominant, unable to reach the courtyard in the first half of the day. Opportunities were defective. The closer to the goal were the brave guests after restarting. Joao Mario shot herself (73th), keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma saved it well in the score of Carvalho (76 '). This is another reason why the Italians have remained unpredictable in Milan for 46 consecutive times. The last five games ended with a draw.

The Swedish football team had the chance to win in Group 2 in the B-league. The World Cup quarterfinal finalist won 1-0 (0-0) on Saturday in Koni against Turkey and second in the table. Leader Russia is three meters away. On Tuesday, the Solna Final will be at its highest position and promoted to the highest class.

The Swedes won enough, as they brought the first direct duel in Russia, led by Stanislaw Chertschessow 0: 0. For Turkey, the relegation for League C was sealed, defender Rapids Mert Müldür and the former Austrian Tarkan Serbest suffered a bitter defeat of the bank. The captain of Sweden Andreas Granqvist scored the only goal with a penalty shot (71).

The Turks set the pitch before the break, but in the last round they were not effective. At best, Hakan Calhanoglu missed the Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen from seven meters just before the break. In the second half of the year, the Swedes were more dangerous. The initial goal was not necessarily surprising. Yokuslu Okay Marcus Berg is in a box on the calves and Granqvist equaled a penalty with a shot shot in the corner.

In group 1 of the league C, Scotland celebrated 4-0 in Albania. Scotland has risen points equal to Israel, led by Andreas Herzog. The decision to increase is on Tuesday at a direct duel in Glasgow. Due to the victory of 2-1 in the first direct meeting with Scotsi, Duke team already has a winning point for promotion.

In group 4, Serbia defended the first place with a 2-1 victory over the investigators and neighbors of Montenegro. The only remaining competitor in the battle for victory in the group is Romania after winning 3: 0 against Lithuania. Romanians have two minutes before the last round.


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