Football: a bird must go as a storm trainer



In Heiko Vogel in SK Puntigamer Sturm Gradec is out of the end of Monday. After a recent failure, Styrians moved and released a German coach from the immediate effect of the service. Only one victory in 14 competition games left the responsible person, in her words, there is no other choice.

11.05.2011 13:16

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1: 1 in the Bundesliga tip on Saturday against the promoted Wacker Innsbruck was a drop that brought a barrel from the standpoint of Sturm's responsible for the overflow. Partially good achievements were not "in line with the results achieved", said the director of sports, Günter Kreissl, in the statement: "We finally decided for a number of reasons to change the position of coach."

For now, the trainers have taken over former Sturm players and bird assistants Günther Neukirchner and Joachim Standfest. At a press conference on Monday (14.30 hours living in ORF Sport + and live streams), Sturm's leaders want to announce the next plan in terms of looking for a coach. Similarly, the game analyst Patrick Dippel, who joined Vogel in Graz, was exempt from duty.

Winning Cup as a climax

One of the reasons for the exemption of Germany is also a changed way of championship. "The new form of the league that puts pressure a lot earlier in the season was also part of the analysis, as was the desire to avoid the" ultimatum's game "situation, the manager explained," but the easiest way to explain, win in A series of matches of 14 matches is probably a problem for almost every club, and even more for SK Sturm Graz. "

Vogel was introduced in December 2017 as the successor to Franz Fode, who joined the Austrian national team as head of the team and came into operation in January 2018. In 38 competition games under the 42-year-old Sturm, the balance was balanced: 15 victories – but only one of them the last 14 matches – he faced eight unresolved and 15 defeats.

His most important success on the banks of the bird Grazer was acquainted with the victory of the Cup in Klagenfurt in the spring. The second Red Bull Salzburg driver also supported the hope for a successful season. "I would like to thank the entire Sturm family for the past eleven months," said the German. "The enthusiasts frenetically destroyed us at this time in successful and less pleasant moments." The additional title and, above all, the victory victory in Klagenfurt remains unforgettable.

Fifth change of trainer

Vogel's relaxation was the fifth change of coach in this season of the Bundesliga. Mattersburg's Gerald Baumgartner had to leave in August and replaced by Klaus Schmidt. Dietmar Kühbaueru at Rapid Goran Djuricin follows in early October. Due to the opening of Kühbauer in Hütteldorf, Ranko Popović was maintained as a new SKN. And last time, Admira was replaced by Ernst Baumeister by German Reiner Geyer.



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