"Fate / Extella Link": two special editions have been published "Anime2You


The publisher of Marvelous Europe recently announced that the "Fate / Extella Link" Action is also released in two limited editions with various additions.

Joyeuse Edition (PS4, Switch) is a price of £ 74.99 and includes a game, as well as an audio CD, a 10-pack suite featuring all new staff, Poster posters, acrylic diorama and Premium box.

The Emperor of the Paladins Edition (PS4, Switch) costs £ 119.99 and includes, besides the contents of other Limited Edition, Stones of the Holy Tile of the Moon Mahjong, where various characters from "Fate / Extella" can be seen.

"Fate / Extella Link" is expected in this country in the first quarter of 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC and PlayStation Vita.

Joyeuse Edition:

Cesar Paladins Edition:

Source: gematsu.com


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