Thursday , February 20 2020
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Facebook's child helper has security issues


2017 started Facebook Messenger app specifically for children. It provided protection: Foreigners could not chat with children until their parents unlocked. Now a lot of parents got a message Facebookaccording to which a security problem take care of the kids group chat – even with foreigners – they could join without seeing their parents. This is reported by "The Verge".

Last weekend dispatched Facebook Therefore, it is necessary to inform the parents about the "technical error". Friends of friends can of course be group chat open, in which children could be involved, without parents who had to unlock it before, writes in a message. Facebook Now I stopped this practice.

The numbers, how many children were affected, and whether this vulnerability was used negatively, were given Facebook not known. v Austria The children's app is currently not available, so Austrian children are not affected. v Austria is use Facebook only 13 years old.

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