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Dr. Mario World: Hinavsky classic in the light of Lootbox


The doctor wants to be paid

While we are still playing with a doctor, Mario, at the beginning, after a few games, we can also speak with dr. Peach or Dr. Bowser needs to be changed. Each image has its own special movement, which selects, for example, a random series and destroys it as soon as the special power is fully charged. For many, the signs are also the first encounter with microtransactions in Dr. Ing. Be Mario World. You can unlock any picture for coins.

Instead of being able to call directly, the Lootbox system is used. Although there are no rare numbers that we have received, but unfortunately they are not excluded. We can take a lot of time to have all the characters. You can also make real money right. Premium currency dr. Ing. Mario World diamonds, ta diamonds You can use it for more coins. These coins can then be used to unlock the above-mentioned numbers.

Cost of cancellation

In addition, we can buy hearts. These hearts, which we can have together five, are used as a kind of mission. When we start the game, the heart is consumed. If we create a level, we will get it back. If it fails, the heart regenerates after 30 minutes. A mechanic that does not pose problems at the beginning. With the increasing time of playing, however, it is happening more and more often that we do not succeed on the level and lose our hearts. Nintendo Here we deliberately clean the brake.

Last but not least, you can also buy other items, such as power-ups with real money or coins that you create from it. Dr. Mario World is so little different from the Candy Crush Saga with its timing system. Anyone who wants to deal with the devil and buy five new hearts: they are available for 30 diamonds, which is less than 4 euros.

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