Danger in the hamburger: so unhealthy is Scheiblettenkäse


Compressed together and sealed in a plastic case: Scheiblettenkäse does not look too healthy. And in fact, too much processed cheese can become sick.

The cheese actually reaches many positive ingredients, such as calcium, proteins or minerals. But sliced ​​cheese is unhealthy: the popular ingredient for hamburgers contains artificial phosphates.

Artificial phosphates ensure that the cheese is soft and durable, but it floods the body with salts that are almost completely absorbed and enter the bloodstream. However, they can not be used by the body.

Risk: heart attack

With increased kidney consumption, it is no longer possible to rinse the salt. The phosphate is settled in the inner walls of the container. These calcifications increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Even a small increase in phosphate concentration in the blood can damage the blood vessels in the heart. If the kidney can no longer excrete excess urine, it is threatened by Harnstein.

Phosphates cause wrinkles

Artificial phosphates also remove calcium from the bones and may become fragile: osteoporosis is endangered. Salts even accelerate aging of the skin and muscles. Not to mention: the fat content, salt and even sugar in the processed cheese is high.

Producers often do not give phosphates on the packaging

Salt is found, for example, in processed foods and fast foods. On the packaging, phosphates often hide behind E numbers – or they simply are not in the list, reports "ndr.de".

Multifunctional means, but not magical weapons

According to food codecheck.info, sodium phosphates are phosphoric acid derivatives (E 338). "Because of their special chemical properties, phosphates are used in the food industry with very different functions: they stabilize the acidity of foods and support the action of gelling and thickening agents by binding calcium, magnesium, iron and heavy metal ions in solid complexes." , is an explanation of the ingredients of toast-dissolved cheese from the discount. Phosphates soften cheese, foam on coffee, and all foods last longer, but it would be normal.

Back to nature

Natural phosphate, on the other hand, is healthy: it needs the body for many metabolic processes. It is also the basic mineral substance of the teeth and bones. Therefore, you do not have to work without delicious cheese toppings for your burger: the Scheibletten alternative offers cheddar, baked cheese or cheese, for example Cheese Glundner from Carinthia, preferably in organic quality.


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