Dancing Stars: This dancing couple is outside


For Margarethe Tiesel, the “Dancing Stars” adventure is over after yesterday’s show.

Dance. At 22.41 the time came: another celebrity danced the last dance in the most famous dance hall in the country. After the end of “Drama Chicken” Niko Niko last week, ORF dance stars caught actress Margarethe Tiesel. It was able to improve compared to the previous week, but after the last place in the jury’s evaluation, there was no increase in performance compared to the previous week. Boris Bukowski, who was also able to score only 13 points for the jury, was nonetheless praised by the jury. Karina Sarkissova was once again impressed by the Austro-European legend (“You are a true gentleman”).

10 points for favorite Caroline Athanasiadis

Exciting. As the last dancer of the evening, Caroline Athanasiadis went to the dance floor. The cabaret artist once again impressed the jury with his dance partner Danilo Campisi and the Viennese waltz. Lieutenant Maria Santner was so impressed that for the first time this season, she quickly awarded the highest score of 10 points.

Awarding points for the evening

Faris Rahoma and Kati Kallus: 20 points (7)

Margarethe Tiesel and Michael Kaufmann: 13 points (4)

Jasmin Ouschan and Florian Gschaider: 21 points (8)

Boris Bukowski and Julia Burghardt: 13 points (4)

Nina Kraft and Stefan Herzog: 20 points (7)

Otto Konrad and Lenka Pohoralek: 14 points (5)

Kristina Inhof and Dimitar Stefanin: 20 points (7)

Bernhard Kohl and Vesla Dimova: 15 points (6)

Caroline Athanasiadis and Danilo Campisi: 25 points (9)


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