Car parts on the highway –


After a tire on the A126 Inntal motorway between Hall-Mitte and Wattens, the truck lost its cargo on Saturday afternoon. The pieces are scattered in both directions on the highway. The result was a standstill.

The fact that there was only damage to property, but no victim was pure luck. The Schoenberg police highway threw the tire into a truck with new car parts. A heavy vehicle went out of control and turned it off against the left wall by opening the side panel. A pallet of cargo was thrown on the street, packed car parts were divided in both directions.

Lost cargo at Inntalautobahn


Many original car parts lay on the Inntal motorway between Hall and Wattens in both directions

Loads scattered on the road

Road users refused, but no more accidents happened. Although the truck was out of the lane, the vehicle had to be reloaded first, and it was necessary to remove the free parts of the load from the belts in both directions. To clean up the accident, only one belt was free, and drivers had to be patient in traffic jams. In the late afternoon, the Inntalautobahn was again freely in both directions.


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