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Breaking BVT between Kickle and the opposition – News

Tomorrow, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl and Michael Kardeis, Director General of Public Safety, expect that they will meet with the most exciting information providers to date. First of all, the first one is expected.

Opposition: Kickl "plan" for BAT-Causa

For Kickl's opposition, it is nevertheless considered to be a 'planner' for the now illegally lodged house searches at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism. SP, Neos and Now also state that the Interior Minister has accused them of being "hostile" BAT for a long time. The reasons for this intimidation are visible in the opposition, which is found in extremism in BVT. This has in the past taken people from the vicinity of Kickl to the sights of his searches, but the interior minister finally turned to a controversial house investigation, suspected of the opposition. According to the opposition parties, Kickl consciously accepted the fact that the Austrian secret services suffered huge loss of confidence in foreign partners for the attack.

Kickl is opposed to representing the opposition

It is expected that government parties, especially the FPÖ, will oppose their view of the cause of this presentation of events. As in previous cases, Kickl is very likely to point out that the whole cause, in his view, is merely a simple criminal case. In the past, the Minister of the Interior has repeatedly stated that he would have been even more critical of him if he did not conduct an immediate search for the accusations of an anonymous opponent (partly confused letter is considered the starting point of the cause, p.).

Has Kickl "cleaned up" the work in BAT?

In any case, it will be interesting to see how Kickl will deal with a number of contradictions in which "his" Secretary-General Peter Goldgruber joined in his question in the U-committee. In his testimony, the committee of inquiry repeatedly caused confusion because he repeatedly opposed himself, as well as the Director General for Public Safety, Michael Kardeis and the prosecutor, Schmudermayer.

BAT is "broken as never"?

The latter wrote in its "public prosecutor's journal" that Goldgruber had ordered Kickl, the Minister of the Interior, to clean BAT because he was "more corrupt than ever". But Goldgruber denies that he has never had such claims.

The issue of a possible task is crucial for the work of the committee of inquiry. Because: According to the laws of the Republic of Austria, it is not the task of the Ministry of the Interior to carry out any criminal activity in BVT, this task is in the constitutional state exclusively for the prosecutor's offices. Because: BAT is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, but its supervision is not within the competence of the Ministry, as this would obviously contradict the separation of powers.

The General Director is to announce the suspension of the Leverage

On the other hand, Kardeis replied to the questions of the U-committee on the circumstances related to the suspension of BVT Gridling's current director, which is now being annulled, and will again comment on the request of Undersecretary General Goldgruber's request for secret agents in the far right-wing environment,

Justice Minister Moser arrived on Wednesday

One day after Kickle and Kardeis, Justice Minister Josef Moser and prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer will meet in U-committee. Although Schmudermayer was already heard in front of the U-committee, the opposition was now opposed to the subsequent contradiction of Goldgruber.

According to the opposition parties, Moser, in particular, explains why the judiciary in BAT-Caus was relatively late.

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