Wednesday , March 3 2021

Bischofshofen It's a flame roof in the flames

One day after firing the roof railing in Bischofshofen (Pongau), another fire appeared on Saturday night. Cause caused by glowing nest.

In the middle of the Bischofshofen, a fire in a multi-apartment house fire in the fireplace on Friday night. Fire of the Bischofshofen brigade and St. Johann had been firing fire for several hours.

The Bischofshofen Fire Brigade must move again

On Saturday evening, around 20 hours, another fire appeared in the attic. According to the volunteer fire brigade Bischofshofen, this is supposed to trigger a fire caused by yesterday's fire in the insulation of the roof structure, police said. People were not hurt. The fire can be extinguished by the Bischofshofen fire brigade, which was used with 30 persons and five vehicles.

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