An interstellar visitor: "Oumuamua is actually a foreigner's awning?


Spectrum Compact: Alien Life - Are we alone in the universe?

Problem: Even in the best instruments, it was not possible to find any evidence of the degassing of the substance, nor did the self-affirmation of the celestial body change-what would be expected if the gas jets arrive at all angles and end up like a real comet.

In his contribution, Bialy and Loeb calculated their game. If the interstellar visitor is in fact built as a tent, which is slightly reduced by the radiation of solar radiation, it can contain a film thickness of only 0.3 to 0.9 mm. In her own script, what we know as "Oumuamua", foreign civilization was used as a pulsat, and then she gave up. Since then, a piece of space junk has been moving through the universe. The subject that was collected along the way gave her a reddish color. According to Bialy and Loeb, such thin films would have survived the travel distance of more than 16,000 light years without decay. This is far enough to cross a significant part of the Milky Way.

This "Oumuamua" is not a space junk, but is contrary to intentionally sent to the sun, can not be excluded so little. After all, it does not appear that the object was "burned down" at its passage: it was not possible to measure the radio waves from the object. The answer might have been to be a precise look; However, it was unfortunately impossible to photograph the object of the facility and it will not be possible due to its rapidly growing distance.

Therefore, no one will ever be able to prove with certainty that the first interstellar visitor discovered by mankind is not a piece of extraterrestrial technology. If more such objects enter the network in the future, it will become clear whether an unbiased deviation of the path can not find a completely natural explanation.


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