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An ambitious sonic boy reaches the red power «

A member-state who is aware of a mission and a purely eloquent policy is polarized and the inner party is indisputable.

21:41, 19 November 2018


The unassigned second series should soon be left: Georg Dornauer After the resignation of party leader Elisabeth Blanik, she went to the red power in the black "holy" country of Tyrol. The fact that both the public and the ambitious 35-year-old Sunnyboy and the soprano boss have long been in the workplace is an open secret. Right now, the "right-wing social democrats" must connect to achieve a goal without scarring.

The political science graduate was sitting in the National Assembly only after the national elections in February, but he has been defending the leading position of Tyrol social democracy for some time and the hope for the future. It is expected that Dornauer will be the fact that in recent years sometimes a seriously beaten country was not only rich with the first line of leadership or is it.

Conscientiousness and eloquence

Someone, such as the broadcasting and quite talkative Dornauer – equipped with a certain amount of charm of a ski instructor – is quickly noticed. Moreover, in recent years, he has visibly and consistently built his strong base. Thus, in 2016 he defeated in his hometown, 1,333 inhabitants of Sellrain, the mayor's president – after decades of the ÖVP rule. Although young entrepreneurs did not compete with the SPO's accepted list, they were still talking about strikes everywhere. In addition, because his father – former SPÖ member of the National Assembly Georg Dornauer Sen., Still the director of the state party – brought this "only" to the vice-president. Piquant detail: In 2010 Dornauer Jun. with his list went to his father for the race.

The mayor's office and related efforts at the level helped Dornauer gain or mediate political respect and get rid of the lightly affixed images of Luftikus. The role of the president of the association of representatives of the social democratic community in Tyrol also contributed to this. In addition, networks could connect far into the "black camp".

Another important milestone on the way to the top was the election as district president of the Innsbruck Land. Regarding the number of members and the size of the district, it is an important power factor in the Tyrol SPÖ.

Close the connection with Doscozile

In state elections Blanik and Dornauer are quasi tandem. The duo was accompanied by constant rumors of a lasting political agreement at the core points. Blanik is considered to be the representative of the advanced fraction left in the middle of the left. Dornauer is assigned to the right wing, claiming that he closely connects with the leader of the SPÖ Burgnerland Hans Peter Doscozil.

But the campaign initially overshadowed all of them and combined two – with success, the Tyrolean SPÖ came out of the valley of tears and gained a few percentage points. Clearly, however, the differences occurred in research talks after the election. Dornauer strongly urged a coalition with the ÖVP and was probably convinced that he was a provincial governor. Blanik, on the other hand, gave a manual brake and insisted not to give up the red policy. The ÖVP finally decided to pursue a black and green coalition – the red cat was perfect.

Dornauer is polarizing and is therefore not indisputable in the party. Above all, the skeleton of the left wing, the SPÖ women and the city party in Innsbruck, with which he brought some knives, skeptically watched him. He will have to convince many that the critics would vote for him.

Georg Dornauer was born on March 4, 1983. After graduating from the Bundesoberstufenrealgimnasium in Innsbruck, he studied political science at the University of Innsbruck. In 2009, he wrote about "the causes and background of the ÖVP hegemony in Tyrol". He then worked as the secretary of the club and a political adviser to the SPÖ Landtag Club. In 2016 he became mayor Sellrain, in 2018 a deputy.

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