Saturday , July 24 2021

Amokfahrer in Vienna stopped with a shot in his thigh: the rudder was dead

Vienna – A 43-year-old man stopped one of several shots that had been triggered by the police and fatal injuries on Saturday after a evening drive in Vienna-Floridsdorf. A man who was under the influence of a drug was injured on his left thigh. Prior to this, he was riding his car with more than 110 km / h on a police bulkhead.

At three o'clock in the morning, the police were first alerted to several calls from young people and women. They reported about a man who apparently deliberately joined them at Jedlersdorfer Strasse with his car. On a request to stop it, he briefly fell out, threatened with murder and left again, police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer reported.

Although state employees of the Floridsdorf city police command at Jedlersdorfer Straße were busy recording facts, the 43-year-old began again. Trying to stop it did not work. The man fled across several streets and finally drove across a large community building where he broke through the barrier at the entrance. He did not even stop with several hits.

Life's blood loss

Finally, the police tried to stop him at Jedlersdorfer Straße when he blocked the road with his car. The 43-year-old was imprisoned from around 110 km / h to officials, they said in the release of the police. In this life-threatening situation, the police repeatedly shot at the vehicle. The 43-year-old surrounded the barrier, then slowed down and finally stopped.

The situation has deteriorated

The police said that the police provided first aid until the rescuers arrived. As Corina Had resident spokeswoman said, the 43-year-old was taken to the hospital after resuscitation. The injury of the thigh would cause a lot of blood loss. His condition should be stable in the meantime. The police said in the show that the state of the person got worse in the day and that he died at 2:00.

The police, which initially provided assistance, had to be dealt with in accordance with Maierhofer's own speaker: As the 43-year-old suffers from several infectious diseases, the infection is not excluded.

As of now, Amokfahrer has more than 50 police properties. These included drug-related offenses, violations of the Weapons Act and attack. (APA)

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