"Worst last week in a living memory": Daley faces a bitter reaction


The efforts of the laburists in Oatley's neighborhood headquarters, which ALP candidate Lucy Mannering hoped to get from Liberal Member Mark Courey, also came under attack.

Potential candidate for leadership: Chris Minns.

Potential candidate for leadership: Chris Minns.Credit:Janie Barrett

Mannering told colleagues that voters of the Chinese nationality clearly turned their backs on the labus party in the pre-selection process in the last days of the campaign.

"Thursday afternoon she was so desperate that she said it was a game," said one colleague. "Only Chinese voters voted for us."

Daley's memories, originating from the collection of Blue Mountains assets in October last year, were the last of the comments posted last Daley last Monday, part of the horror of the head of work.

In addition to these comments, he had to deal with issues of priority dealings with the shooters party in the aftermath of the massacre in Christchurch and then to take the influence of his attempt on the cost of politics during the discussion of key leaders against Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday.


"It was perhaps the worst last week before the campaign in living memory," he told Messenger Sunday. "The next time we win in government, we are not bullshit. We're in a worse situation. Yes, we may have one or two additional seats, but in Sydney's parts that we need to obtain to form a government in the future, we have actually gone back. "

The source said that "the other elections were in a row where the Labor Party ended in the fight with the Chinese community," and said that the ALP's anti-privatization initiative in the campaign for 2015 caused damage also because of the fear that Chinese companies would buy electricity funds.

But the Luka Foley campaign, which the then leader made in 2015, was a potential party at this year's remarkable distance from victory. Foley managed to collect 14 seats and 10 percent of the swing against work.

The Daley campaign was good enough to be present so that ten days or 11 days ago would be a quiet hope in order to shift work to the borders and to the minority government.

"We thought it was accessible. The Earth Campaign was well organized, the messages were consistent. Daley has to take a lot of responsibility for this turnaround, "he told Messenger.

However, some of those who thought that the focus on the stadiums was too narrow and that more emphasis should be placed on public transport, as well as health and education.

"Communication was poor. The workers talked about the relationship between sisters and patients, but what did this mean for most people?

Despite the fact that Daley declares that he wants to remain head of work, there is doubt that he can retain support. Voting for leadership is likely to be postponed until the federal election is held in May.

On Sunday, numerous numbers of the parties challenged his judgment.

According to job experts, Minns contacted the Daley office early on Tuesday when the head of the Labor Party issued his first statement late Monday night and explained the comments "Asians Getting Started".

Daley's initial explanation was that he talked about the availability of housing so that he could better express himself, and that "he had no resentment and hope[d] nobody was accepted ".

But more sources say that Minns was not satisfied because the statement of apology was not strong enough. They say that the couple spoke later on Tuesday, and Minns urged Daley to explain that he was not accusing the Asian community of raising the cost of living. "Chris was upset because there was no complete apology right away," a party source said.

Daley put it through the spokesman Messenger the second version of this conversation. "This week I had only one conversation with Chris Minns. He asked if he could mediate his community to apologize for his comments, and of course I said, "said Daley.

Daley's later expressions of regret were more open. By that time, Minns took care of his own, published his messages on Chinese social media. The workers' office contacted advertisements in Chinese-language newspapers, while Minns contacted federal treasurer Chris Bowen to ask Paul Keating to enter.

Keating did so and issued a statement in which he praised Minnsa among others for his recognition of the "positive contribution of Chinese Australians".

"Minns came here fast enough to get rid of it," the party source said. "This and the fact that Daley's weekly pre-selection has already been filed before the weekly comments."

The stand by analyzing the first priority votes by Herald confirmed the significant fluctuations in work in areas with large Sino-Australian inhabitants in Kogarach. Following the cabin in Hurstville, Hurstville South, Allawah, and Carlton, Minns recorded a fall by more than three percentage points in the first preference vote, while liberal candidate Scott Yung increased by seven percentage points.

The analysis is not a complete comparison, because different polling booths were used in the election of voters in the 2015 and 2019 national elections.

– with Nick Bonyhady

Deborah Snow is a senior writer for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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