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The woman started to fly when she was wearing a low-t-shirt on the plane


A Spanish low-cost airliner fired a woman in a small body from the aircraft, but insisted that she was motivated by her relationship, not the dress that is considered to be a swimsuit.

On Sunday, a woman and her boyfriend embarked on a Vueling flight in Palma, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca, on a holiday in Barcelona.

When the flight attendant stopped the woman, her friends gave her some clothes that she could hide – but access to the terminal was still denied, according to news reports.

Her sister has published a sarcastic tweet for airline companies.

"Today, a wonderful company @vueling, my sisters forbade boarding simply by wearing a low-cut body. Several people left the dress to "cover it" but did not let it go, "wrote @ggggtnnt in Spanish and included a video clip of the incident.

In a separate communication, she told Vueling: "If you do not know how to distinguish the body from the swimsuit, this is your business."

The Spanish newspaper reported that a woman wore a denim shirt on a black-t-shirt and a pair of short trousers.

She claimed that she was offered a joke to hide the sarong and believed that a crew member was accused of attempting humor.

The sister company in Twitter replied that her travel policy for men and women was the same "to defend and protect the safety of all passengers on board to regulate their behavior for the benefit of all."

And in Mirror, he wrote: "The passenger was wearing swimwear. The response to the request of an agent was an abuse, so the only reason for deciding to call the competent authorities and not being able to fly. "

The other passengers said that they were not offended by the women's suit and that they were worse on airplanes.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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