The Indonesian diver drops off in the Lion Air Jet recovery operations


JAKARTA, Indonesia – A diver died after JAVA exploded at Lion Air jetliner victims, on Saturday officials said while research teams were hunting for new


in the second black box and built the remains of 189 people on the plane.

Indonesia's search and rescue agency said 48-year-old diver Syahrul Anto, a veteran of other operations including an AirAsia crashing in the Java Sea nearly four years ago, died on Friday under the scrap debris in the area of ​​610 Flight. The agency did not give the cause of death.

The collapse of Monday was the first Boeing 737 Max 8 that was the latest version of the popular 737 flight. The airplane was transported in August to one of Russia's largest freight forwarders in Asia.

An Indonesian and American accident investigation team, including Boeing and the

General Electric

, a manufacturer of CFM International, saw wrecks recovered at the port of Jakarta. Officials were hoping that reconstruction of the whole aircraft would not necessarily be necessary to understand the cause.

"We will try to regain it as much as we can," said Nurcahyo Utomo, the Investigator of the Road Safety Commission of Indonesia. "If recorders do not provide all the information, we want to achieve the fullest possible reconstruction of the whole aircraft."

The research teams did not find one of the black boxes, the cockpit voice recorder, but they say they are hoping to find the pings that can be released for at least 30 days in the water.

"We heard a ping tone early this morning, though it was pretty weak," said Muhammad Syaugi, head of the search and rescue agency.

The divers replaced the memory unit from the other black box, the flight recorder, at about 100 feet deep on the muddy seabed. Mr. Utomo said on Saturday that the device was in good condition.

Investigators clean up the device to download data that has given you hours to run systems. On a modern aircraft such as the 737 Max 8, it would record over 1,000 parameters from the basic speed and altitude from the flight control inputs.

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