The event of a catastrophe compared to the Fyre Festival


The Australian festival was sent into chaos when a great storm broke out, which caused mass eviction and left the raiders unlucky.

Thousands of participants, worth $ 150, were evacuated in a dark area from the Wine Machine in Hunter Valley on Saturday night, as dangerous precipitation began to occur due to heavy rainfall.

There were also reports of bubble lines for beverages, as well as frustration as a result of the limited purchase of only two drinks when people eventually came to the front.

Due to the "shocking" event, visitors to the festival complained about "terrible" conditions on Facebook.

The video of the event shows "chaos" caused by the mass evacuation of 55,000 people – some compared it to Fyrom, a luxurious event that came in 2017 in the Bahamas and left thousands without food and accommodation.

"Indeed, it was such a terribly organized event, I felt that we were at the Fyre Festival," wrote one person.

"The worst festival I've ever done with a long hit, I hope it will be canceled next year," said another.

Someone else marked the event Fyre Festival 2.0.

"What an absolute joke. It was such a bad organization, worse than the Fyre Festival, "said another.

The organizers were forced to comment and publish yesterday's statement on Facebook saying that the situation for everyone involved was "despised".

It said: "As they know, Hunter Valley experienced extreme weather conditions last night, which included heavy rain and a large crowd of lightning strikes in the vicinity, which caused an initial stop and eventual evacuation of the event.

"This is every person on the site. The safety of all sponsors, artists and staff is an absolute priority. "

They also explained that the conditions for issuing a NSW authorization relating to an event – a two-per-cap drink restriction-resulted in "unacceptable bottlenecks" and added two minibuses overnight at 32 bar staff members and the festival remained too small.

However, the explanation did little to prevent the anger of those who were present, as many attacked the "shocking" evacuation, claiming that all organizers had taken them out of the place and on the road.

The "evacuation" was really just that you all set aside all the properties in the roche estate / wine machine to exempt any possible liability for damage or injury, "wrote one person.

"Security was very aggressive, horses have freed us, and my friend is a horse with a head. We were frightened and looking for shelter and instead we were forced into a storm, "said another.

One person said that they were witnessing a tree that fell before them when he left a man with a broken leg.

"So much about the duty of care," they feared.

But not all were angry, as some said they had a "brilliant" time and called those who complained, "spoiled".

"I honestly had the best time. I was impressed with the police, rescuers, staff at the bar and sponsors. The storm was f ** ked, but we can not control the weather. Everyone behaves so lenient and privileged. I would really like to see everyone complaining in a situation like the fyre festival. Watch the doc. It was nothing like that.

Fyre Festival – leader of entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule – is very classified as one of the biggest festivals. contacted the Wine Machine for comment.

Were you on Wine Machine over the weekend? Was it just as chaotic as it sounds, or are people overreacting? Please let us know in the comments below.

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