Thursday , July 29 2021

The cover ends the swarm of Apex Legends enemies in less than a minute |

Michael & Shroud & # 39; Grzesiek did it again and added another top-notch game to his back in incredible footage. However, this time it did not dominate the enemies in PUBG or Fortnite – instead, he took his talents into the Apex Legends and destroyed the hostile days there.

When viewers capture a Shroud stream, they can fully expect to play less and less smart games to convince them that they have been cheated, or that a video game that is playing an alien is sent from a distant galaxy with one goal. – to hate all enemies.

Now, Shroud has hands on a new game – an extremely popular Apex Legends, and already proves why he is one of the best, if not the best, players in the first person on a planet with a free game. Royale.


Being Shroud in FPS can be one of the hardest things in the world.

In its most recent dimension, Shroud has shown why he will not be confused – he has deleted two teams of enemies in less than 60 seconds, while his teammates were under fire who could not help.

The former CS: GO pro retired around the open field with one of the few energy weapons in the game. Despite having lost the first few shots, Shroud quickly got into position for one team and easily caught them in the shotgun. Shroud sent a second crew with spectacular jumping shots as a rock cover, which would destroy every day of opponents – he probably broke some keyboards in this process.

When the teams take the steps in the esports side of the new title, Shroud will be at the top of the list of all free agents – but it is very unlikely to compete in the game again.

He will probably compete in a number of tournaments, and in these games he will prevail over opponents, while he will get a good bonus in the process.

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