Terminally ill mum who hid cancer shrinks tumor 75% after alternative care


A terminally ill mum – who kept her cancer diagnosis a secret from her toddler – has shocked doctors after her tumor was reduced by 75 percent following alternative treatment in Mexico.

Back in October 2018, Kate Malvenan's world came crashing down after the doctors broke the horrific news that the non-smoker had only six to 24 months to live after a shock diagnosis of lung cancer.

The 40-year-old, who is originally from Kessingland, Suffolk, UK, but now resides on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, said she has always taken great pride in maintaining her good health by eating nutritious foods and regularly working out at the gym – while also being a strict non-smoker.

So when Kate began to feel 'a little run down' a few months before her cancer diagnosis, she simply put it down to a new intense fitness regime that she was testing out.

Kate with her daughter Annabelle

Then in April last year, the single mum-of-one started coughing blood, which she claims her doctor misdiagnosed as bronchitis.

But after she began experiencing chest pains in September, she was sent for a series of scans that revealed a massive tumor growing on her plunges.

Kate's worst fears were confirmed a few days later on October 3, 2018 when her doctor broke the horrific news that the deadly cancer had spread.

The mum was left reeling after three different specialists told her that she would be dead in six to 24 months.

But as her sole career for her three-year-old Annabelle, her determined mum knew she had to do whatever was necessary to stay alive.

Kate's tumor shown in a scan from October

Another scan just five months later

After a friend told her about an alternative cancer treatment center called 'Hope4Cancer' in Cancun, Mexico, Kate re-mortgaged her home and spent her life savings in order to afford the £ 35,000 three-week program.

And after her first treatment in late October, Kate was amazed after scans revealed that the tumor on her lung had shrunk by 75 percent – going from the size of an apple to the size of a grape – while there is now zero traces of cancer in her lymph nodes and limited cancer in her liver.

Kate, who owns her own homeware store, said: "A few months into 2018, I started feeling rundown. My hips, my lower back, my spine and my shoulders were all sore.

"I've been training hard on a new fitness regime, so I put it down to that. But we know now these were the cancerous spots.

"I coughed up blood twice, but my doctor said it was a bronchitis. It was only when I started having chest pains that they decided to do x-ray.

"The GP called me after hours and said it looked like cancer but did not know the extent of it and I was asked to go to the hospital the next day.

The mum traveled to Mexico for treatment

"Realizing there was something wrong, my parents decided to fly in from UK to be with me.

"I was told there was nothing I could do to save my life and that I only had six to 24 months at the very maximum to live.

"That's when my world stopped spinning. I could not understand how I could have terminal illness when I felt healthy.

"My cancer has spread to my liver, lymph system, hips, spine, ribs and shoulders.

"When you're told by all the experts that you're going to die you believe it.

"I was put on a target drug called Alectinib, but it was told it would only give me a two year life expectancy and I needed to live a lot longer than that.

"Then a friend told me about a cancer clinic in Mexico and all the incredible results he had seen there.

"I had no other choice. I decided I was going to do it. Two weeks later I was in Mexico. "

Kate undergoing treatment in Mexico

Kate underwent intense treatment for seven hours a day, six days a week at the clinic in Mexico.

Treatments focused on heat, light and laser therapies – including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, full body hypothermia, infrared lamp therapy, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, coffee enemas, saunas and vitamin C IV therapy.

Kate was also fed a strict plant-based organic diet while receiving treatment and continues to follow this eating plan to this day.

After returning home from her first stint in Mexico in November, Kate underwent follow up scans at her local hospital in Australia – and claims the doctors were shocked at her remarkable results, which revealed her tumor had decreased by 75 percent with zero traces of cancer in her lymph nodes.

With such an incredible outcome, Kate decided to recapture her life savings again and return to Mexico in February for another round of intensive treatment.

Kate said: "I was told by one of my doctors to go home, drink wine and spend time with my daughter before I died.

"There was no chance of staying alive. But now there is hope.

"The doctors here have said my results are remarkable and that I'm breaking all the rules.

"I'm very positive that with continued treatment my cancer will be eradicated 100 percent."

Kate says her daughter is her motivation to fight the disease

Kate said she made the decision to keep her cancer diagnosis secret from her daughter, as she felt it was better to protect her from the dark and sad reality of cancer.

She said: "Annabelle has no idea about my cancer. She was too little and did not need to know that I could die.

"I told her I was going on a long and boring trip to Bali for work, tears were flooding out of my eyes when I had to leave her. I did not know what I was going in and whether I would come back alive.

"Without her I would not have the motivation or strength to fight."

Kate has declined to have a fundraising page set up for her but has asked kind donors to support her through her homeware store Maison & Maison at; http://maisonandmaison.com.au/

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