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Sun Yang has won 200 million gold and is confronted with another awkward stepped interaction, this time with the British Duncan Scott



July 24, 2019 02:36:56

Another gold medalist of China's Sun Yang at the World Championship in 2019 destroyed another negative event at the footsteps that was confronted with British Duncan Scott during the men's 200 meter freestyle medallions show.

Key points:

  • Lithuanian today's Rapsys was disqualified when Sun Yang ran into first place
  • Duncan Scott, who completed the same third place, congratulated other cities who were getting food, but Sun
  • It is coming two days after Australian Mack Horton refused to handle a Chinese swimmer

Sun received a gold medal after the Lithuanian today's Rapsys, who finished first, and was disqualified for moving through the blocks.

Scott, who finished third in common, refused to handle Sun, in even greater tension just a few days after Australian Mack Horton refused to share the footwear with a Chinese swimmer for doping.

During the 200-meter medal presentation, Scott congratulated the silver medalist Katsuhir Matsumoto of Japan and Russian Martin Malyutin, who finished at the same time as the British, but completely disappeared.

The Chinese swimmer reacted angrily, screaming and pointing at Scott, who also refused to participate in group photography on the footsteps and kept away from the Sun when they left the stage.

Sun, who marked the "drug ban" by Horton in 2014 before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, won the green light for the Gwangju World Championship after confirmation by the FINA Group of violations of the rules of the administrative body this year.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency is striving to annul the decision at the Arbitration Court of Sport, with Sun's career remaining in balance one year before the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Sun, who also won gold in the 200 meters final in 2017, touched in 1: 44.93, Matsumoto 0.29 in the second, Malyutin and Scott bronze and 0.70 suns.

"My win was because of my hard work. I continued to fight, I did not give up when I was in second place," Sun said.

"I was the only one who entered the. T [800-metre freestyle heats] I was very tired this morning. I slept only an hour and a half in the afternoon. "

Scott briefly answered the question about the incident at the footsteps.

"Make sure that everyone still knows about it and that's why I think it's all I have to say about it," he said.

His colleague, Adam Peaty, who swam in his 50-meter semi-finals on his chest, said Scott was "absolutely fine" to act on the footsteps, adding that Sun had to take his place in swimming.

Peaty, who previously criticized Sun and the decision to allow him to compete in Gwangju with doping hanging over him, said that athletes have the right to speak.

"I think that for the athlete the most important thing is that you have the right to vote, and Duncan showed his voice and also the crowd," he said.

The crowd at the Municipal Water Sports Center in Nambu decided to disqualify Rapsys, which seemed to be grabbing the initial blocks. Lithuanian did not stop for questions after the game.

At the winning stage there was a mixed reaction of Scott's behavior, with Chinese fans screaming and underestimating, while others cheered on when he left the pool roof.

In recent days, China's social media has shaken up with a hot reaction to Horton's victory.

One of the most widely used images is a statement that is translated into: "To be a decent person, do not be like Horton."

Horton refused to share the 400 meter freestyle floor with the Sun at the opening night of the Championship in South Korea.

During the presentation of the medal, the 23-year-old Victorian stood at the base when Sun took gold. The Italian Gabriele Detti picked up the bronze.

Horton's silent protest later warned the sporting authority.

FINA said in her statement that her executive group met in Gwangju to analyze the situation and decided to send a warning letter to Swimming Australia and Horton.

"While FINA respects the principle of freedom of speech, it should be implemented in the right context," the statement said.

"As in all major sports organizations, our athletes and their escorts are aware of their responsibility to comply with FINA regulations and do not use FINA events for personal statements or gestures.

"The case allegedly protested by Mack Horton is currently under review by the CAS, so it is not appropriate for FINA to intervene in this treatment by further commenting."

Australian swimmer Madeline Groves said she was "brave" that Scott had uttered that Horton issued a warning for similar behavior.

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