Wednesday , January 27 2021

Shane Warne, Jackson Warne diet, 10 foods, defends, SAS Australia

Shane Warne defended his parenting after his 21-year-old son revealed that he had eaten only 10 types of food in his lifetime during the SAS Australia show.

Jackson went to an exhibition he set up outside the comfort zone, and Schapelle Corby revealed an unusual imagination when he first tried tomato soup.

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“I never had it. I used to only have about 10 different foods. I’ve always had the same thing since I was young, “he said in the episode.

In a chat with, Jackson revealed at the time that the foods were “eggs, bacon, toast, cereals, burgers, nachos, chips, apples … that’s it”.

“I woke up in the morning and had eggs and bacon with an oatmeal drink,” he continued. “I would go to the gym and train, then I would have two burgers and a protein drink, and then I would rest until the end of the day. And for dinner, I would indulge in lasagna or pasta.

“It’s not that I don’t want to try other foods, but I just enjoy what I eat and it works for me.”

But for his father of spinning legend, the lack of diversity was not due to a lack of effort, as Shane said Daily Telegraphthat Jackson would just refuse.

“As a parent, we asked him to try this and that,” Warne said.

“He just said no no no no. My two daughters eat everything – chicken, fish, steak and everything.

“Jackson more or less burgers, pasta and McDonalds once a day. He was never a big fan of fruit and that somehow caught the imagination of the public. “

Jackson has tried a variety of foods on his Instagram since the reception, including what he said was his first beer.

But he also admitted to Nova Fitzy in Wippa he once tried a beer when he was about 11 years old.

“One New Year’s Eve, probably about ten years ago, when I was really young, my father was very angry and gave me some of his VB, and I swallowed and said, ‘Nothing anymore, that was awful.’

“It was the worst I’ve ever tasted,” Jackson said, adding that he opted for vodka when he was old enough to drink.

Shane was less than excited when he was thrown under the bus.

“It was wonderful when he came on the radio and I heard them say,‘ You never tried a beer? “,” Warne said.

“He said that the father of one New Year’s Eve was really drunk and he forced me to try the UK and I haven’t had it since. Thanks, Jackson. “

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