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Powers that demanded victory in Cheltenham and Enfield after the resignation after the elections


February 9, 2019 20:49:09

Workers demand victory in two supplementary elections in the north of Adelaide, also at Cheltenham headquarters, formerly owned by former Prime Minister Jay Weatherill.

Key points:

  • After the election of Cheltenham and Enfield, the resignations of Jaya Weatherilla and John Rau
  • Both are considered safe jobs and the customer is expected to maintain both
  • Liberals did not elect a candidate for any seat

Joe Szakacs, secretary of the SA trade union, was selected by the party as her candidate for Cheltenham, and in the early part of the day there was a strong fluctuation against him.

Laburists also announced the victory in Enfield, but the Count has now shown a swing against the Laboratory, and her lawyer, Andrea Michaels, has already demonstrated a swing against her.

While Mr Szakacs seems to secure a definitive victory, Michaels may rely on preferences.

The elections were triggered by Mr. Weatherilla and former Advocate General John Rau.

In the run-up to the vote, the work was confronted with criticism of the side-by-side elections that came less than a year after defeating the party in the March 2018 national elections that ended the 16-year rule of the ALP.

More than 50,000 people were registered to vote in two places, but the Liberals decided not to run the candidates.

Today, Head of the Laboratory Peter Malinauskas admitted that the voices were "a bit unpleasant" and said that the results were not taken for granted.

"We saw this election as an opportunity, an opportunity to continue the path of renewal as a party, and we get some new faces in Parliament," he said.

"It would be a big mistake for any political party, nowadays and around the world, to assume that voters will continue to vote equally."

Recently, SA Lab tweeted to congratulate Mr Szakacs and Mrs Michaels for proclaiming them a winner.

During the campaign, the Labor Party focused on the liberal cuts in public bus services and the planned closure of Service SA centers.

Resignation of Mr. Weatherilla ends 16 years in Parliament for the former minister, treasurer and prime minister.

Despite announcing that he will complete the four-year term of office in the run-up to the 2018 elections, he said that relief is a transition to other things.

"[It’s] when I first took part in the elections, where I have not been on the ticket for a long time, "he said after the vote.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to present this area."


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