Paul Rudd talks about anti-aging and the use of humidifier


Is Paul Rudd old? This is a question that arises every time Rudd's happy, without an eternal face appears on our radar.

The past Rudd and the current Rudd are essentially the same, and after long research by the 49-year-old, it is clear that his friendly cup has not changed in the last 10 years.

Is he a vampire? Potentially. Is this Botox? No, because he had previously dealt with him in interviews and joked that his "whole body was Botoxed". So it can only be a good skin care, right?

By the end of the week, Rudd was forced to finally free himself from the theory that at a time Clueless again meeting on C2E2 – the sounding that comes from his former stars Alice Silverstone, Donald Faison and Breckin Meyer – and although he does not give us all the answers we have hoped, he is definitely enough to explain his hydrated face to face.

"I have 80 years," Rudd said.

Shows on the chest and continues.

"Here, the pure theme – and a little moistening."

As long as Rudd does not reveal anymore, we will have to believe that the combination of "pure theme" and "a little moistening" is what this funny guy needs to overcome all the signs of aging.

For anyone who needs a memory of their anti-aging skills, we are able to compare the last 10 years of Rudd.

In honesty, we can not find the difference between '09 Ruddom and '19 Ruddom, and this desperately puts us in the hands, regardless of the humidifier he uses.


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