New claims about the divorce of Princess Diana and Princess Charles were revealed


Was the separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana more friendly than the royalists thought?

Separation BOMBSHELL: New arguments about Charles and Diana have been shown

In spite of a very public decline and later, Diane's nun, by Andrew Morton, Diana: Her real story, a new documentary about the UK 5th Channel tells about a very different view of the couple when they separated from them.

Ingrid Seward, editor Royalty Magazine reveals The royal family in the war"Diana told me something very interesting. She said that she and Charles sat on the couch on the day of divorce, and both cried.

"It was this crazy separation, but by the time the separation was completed, they were on much better conditions," she added.

Ingrid Seward


Ingrid's revelation reveals a very different light about the vicious divorce that ended on August 24, 199.

According to Morton, Diana was "completely unhappy" in the law and "she felt like a lock in the palace."

"Nothing prepared me for the information cascade and the controversy that the book aroused," adds the documentary.

"She spoke as a cell lock, which only had a few minutes to do the story."


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