Tuesday , March 2 2021

NASA has published stunning images of Jupiter’s northern and southern auroras

NASA has adorned the Internet with space images over and over again. Now the agency has posted a picture of Jupiter’s northern and southern auroras, leaving network users in awe. The post, posted on NASA’s official Instagram account of the Hubble Space Telescope, features images of Jupiter’s northern and southern auroras.

According to the article, the images, which were published about 23 years ago, were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and the lamps are viewed in ultraviolet light. “Auroras are brilliant curtains of light in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter,” NASA wrote. See here:

See how people reacted to the pictures:

According to NASA, Jupiter has the strongest aurora borealis in the solar system. They are formed when high-energy particles enter the planet’s atmosphere near its magnetic poles and collide with gas atoms.

In a blog post, NASA further explained that Jupiter’s auroras are large and hundreds of times more energetic than the auroras on Earth. And unlike those on Earth, they never stop.

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