Thursday , July 29 2021

Mission Enfield Cheltenham: The work of Andrea Michaels, the winner of Joe Szakacs

Labor claimed that the victory was in two additional elections, triggered by the resignation of the former Prime Minister and his deputy.

New Labor Minister Joe Szakacs demanded victory Saturday at Cheltenham headquarters in the western suburbs left by former Prime Minister Jay Weatherill while Labor Andrea Michaels defeated former Portland Governor Adelaide Enfield Gary Johanson at the headquarters of the northern suburbs of Enfield.

Mr Szakacs received 58.8 percent of the primary vote, when counting all 11 electoral cables closed on Saturday evening. Postal and pre-election votes still need to be counted.

The State Secretary of the SA Unions said he was "honored and delighted" by the new Cheltenham member.

"Every day I'm lucky to be a member of Cheltenham, for whom I will fight (his voters) in the same way that I have fought for working families for most of my life," Szakacs said.

He said that his priorities in the national parliament would be "fighting against the government's sluggish job cuts, services and public transport".

"The fight for my community is in my DNA and in the end I am forced to come to Parliament and do it," Szakacs said.

At Enfield, Mrs. Michaels more than doubled the main vote of Mr Johanson from 21.30 pm, counting 14,627 votes.

media_cameraAndrea Michaels, new Enfield envoy. Image: AAP / Brenton Edwards
media_cameraJoe Szakacs, new MP for Cheltenham. Picture: Bianca De Marchi

Mrs Michaels had 47.7 per cent of the primary vote by 20.1 per cent. Johanson, with the electoral commission holding a two-time preferential vote of 63.2 percent.

It was not possible to contact Mrs. Michaels on Saturday night.

Additional elections were required due to the resignations of Mr. Weatherilla and his former Deputy Prime Minister John Rau.

The victory of the Labor Party on both side elections means that it will have 19 seats in the national parliament. 25 in the lower house, as well as independent Frances Bedford. Troy Bell and Geoff Brock.

Most of the Labor Campaigns in Enfield and Cheltenham were focused around the fight against the state government to reduce public transport, where 720 individual services were reduced and more than 450 were shortened.

It also fought against the closing down of three service centers shut down by the government, although Prospect's future was particularly focused on Enfield.

During the election campaign, workers promised to reopen centers at Prospect, Tea Tree Gully and Mitcham if they won the general election in 2022. t

The Liberal Party did not run in either of its two seats, claiming that it instead focused on future federal elections. However, a member of the Saru Rana group received confirmation that he would run as an independent candidate for freedom in Enfield.

Opposition leader Peter Malinauskas said he was "satisfied" with double victories, but he did not take it away,

"I think that this result does not mean that we will win the next election, but that means we are on the right track," he said.

Mr Malinauskas took the path that was intended for the government because he did not challenge the seats, saying that this was not a good political strategy to escape from the fight.

He said that both his new deputies were "good people, full of the values ​​of work that are bound to cause, but come from very different environments."

"I think they add a lot of talent," he said.

Mrs Michaels and Mr Szakacs are potentially working, but it is incredible that Mr Malinauskas will move in the coming months. Negative posters were in force in Enfield because Mr. Johanson fought to assert the seat left by Mr Rau.

The poster of the Labor Party called on voters not to vote for Gary, who was a failed candidate three times, a former liberal and lived well outside West Lakes.

Mr Johanson hit his poster for the attack, highlighting the report Advertiser that the side elections could cost the taxpayers up to $ 700,000 and the controversial appointment of Mr Rau as senior advisor when he was a state prosecutor.

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