Mel B reveals she had sex with Gary Halliwell


Mel B revealed that she had sex with Spice Girls Geri Halliwell.

Mel, 43, said that the one-day meeting took place during the peak of the band and that the couple were after that "hihital".

In a genuine conversation with Piers Morgan, she said: "We were the best friends. It just happened. It was nothing. It just happened.

"We just giggled and that was it. This happens only once and then you talk about it and do not even repeat it.

"Just once.

"I am a fair person and the reason why I did not put it in my book was because it was not my book.

"She was brutally sincere in a different way."

Mel B Gerri Halliwell

She laughed: "She had big boobs …"

Mel was presented to Piers Morgan during his recording of his ITV chat show Life Stories.

He said: "It's a bomb. Spice Girls Bombers. You never recognized it before, did you?" People will be impressed. "

"What a revelation. You never lose it. This must be one of the best performances we've ever done. «

The interview will be shown on ITV this summer, and Mel is afraid that Gary, 46, will not be excited when her Spice Girls partner opens in her passion night.

Mel B Geri Halliwell

Geri is now married to Formula One's Christian Horner.

She said: "Hopefully, Geri will not deny it when asked, because it was just a matter. There was nothing bigger. It was just fun. You asked me a question and I answered.

"That's why she'll hate me because she's all luxurious in her country house and her husband. But that's the fact. And her husband will also be killed. "

Mel B Geri Halliwell

After Morgan asked if the meeting was "good", there was a long silence before her family began to cry loudly in the audience.

She also revealed that she kissed Mel C, but she said she was "nothing sexual" because she wanted to test her new language piercing.


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