Mattel warns that a child in bed is linked to death on Australian shelves


This is followed by an early recall from the US Consumer Protection Agency.

According to the recall on Saturday morning (Australian time) carried out by the US Consumer Product Safey in the United States, fatal events arose in Fisher-Price's Rock & Play Play Rooms available in Australia, " when infants overturned while they were unlimited, in other circumstances ".

Fisher-Price Auto Rock & # 39; Play Play Sleeper.

Fisher-Price Auto Rock & # 39; Play Play Sleeper.

Last week, the ACCC warned parents to "do not reach a child" in a real sleeping area after they reported being associated with many infant deaths in the United States.

"Preventing injuries and deaths from infants caused by dangerous sleeping articles is one of the ACCC priorities for product safety and we are always concerned with reports like those we see from the United States," the spokesman said.

The Rock & # 39; Play Player has a cradle fabric on a metal stand that records children so that they can calm down.

The official recall of the Safey Consumer Products Commission in the US states that "more than 30 infant deaths have occurred in Rock 'n Play Sleep since the launch of the product in 2009."

"The dead babies have happened in the Rock Play n Play Sleepers, after infants from drowsiness or under other circumstances have turned back from the back to the stomach or side," she said in the statement.

Recall in the US will affect about 4.7 million products.


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