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Lisa: why she became so emotional


On Tuesday night in the My Kitchen Rules episode, mom and son Lisa and John were on the hot line for cooking in the current kitchen, and Lisa could not help but feel emotionally.

Throughout the night, Lisa became frightened when the judges Pete and Man praised her efforts when they reached perfect tens.

And when I see footage, Lisa says she feels a bit embarrassed.

"I feel like a bit of a dick, I just apologize for all the tears. I want people to know that when I cry, I'm happy that this is just water coming from my face," Lisa told New Idea. .



"It's the way I'm coping with stress, which does not mean that I'm dissatisfied. I laughed as much as I cried or laughed more than I cried," she added.

"I am an emotional person and so is John. We carry hearts on our sleeves, so you see what you get. We are just real people and we honestly love people who have people in our home and share our food with them and enjoy life .

"People do not like the criminals and they show me that I cry a lot. I do not want to embarrass anyone."

But despite tears, Lisa and John started a good start, as Pete and Manu reached 10/10, which was not yet.

"Tonight you did MKR history," Manu said.

"Welcome to the hall of famous MKR", added Pete.

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