Latvala wins in Australia, WRC title for Ogier – Rally Australia 2018 – WRC


Toyota driver Latvala went to the final loop of the season knowing that he would probably have to confess his leadership to Tanaka as part of the showdown show with Ogier.

However, Estonian retirement at the penultimate stage – where many drivers, including Latvian incidents, had accidents – opened the door to Finn to win his first victory in Rally Australia.

He also provided the title of Ogier last year with M-Sport before moving to Citroen because Thierry Neuville had already crashed in the first stage of the loop.

He was on Fire for punishing and cocking on Friday, so he had to be in the future to be in dispute with the title.

The competitor returned the lead of his teammate with a morning loop, while Latvala ran for more than a second when Tanak was running on the Coramba test.

At Sapphire, it was then determined how Toyota would play its tasks, hoping that wet, slippery conditions could catch Ogier, and Tanaku added the title.

However, Tanak was finally caught, but his Yaris remained on the ground with the issue of transmission caused by the contact with the tree.

This left Latvala the final stage, the Wedding Bells, where he withdrew from the third place two months ago with a dramatic collision. But he continued to win the 32nd over Hyundai Hayden Paddon.

Kiwi was third on Friday on Mads Ostberg, while Citroen driver took advantage of Tanaka's retirement and finished at the bottom of the podium, despite the damage to the rear of the Sapphire car.

In spite of Tanaka's retirement, Esapekka Lappi was convinced that it was more for celebrating Toyota; The fourth place in combination with Latwall's victory gave Toyota the title of the manufacturer.

Ogier pulled through the final loop.

He knew that six or better was enough to deny Tanaka, and when Neilvil collapsed before Ogier started the first step of the afternoon, the Frenchman could afford to get back from the slippery situation.

Only when the power plant – and the headline made it and dusted it – Ogier hoped that he really let it crash, for the first time in the whole weekend for the first time in the first place on the way to the left heel for Lappi.

"At this moment there is a mixed feeling," Ogier said. "I am proud of what I have achieved and my team, they are the best.

"It's an amazing trip together and now I just enjoyed the last push in this car.

"I hope I will not miss it."

Ogier's M-Sports fellow Elfyn Evans is in sixth place, while Craig Breen, who started the campaign, started a fast-paced tree on Friday and ended up rotating on three offsets on Sunday morning, finishing seventh in Citroen C3 WRC.

Teemu Suninen in the third M-Sport Fiesta was in seventh place, but after the cancellation of the Sapphire stage, the team decided not to run their car through the electric.

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