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Kevin Bacon was almost not in the movie

It's hard to imagine original Music without Kevin Bacon.

Hollywood veteran, now 60 years old, was on the verge of fame when he played as Ren McCormack in the iconic 1984 dancing film. He is now the winner of a multiple award nomination for Oscar nomination and has a star on the Walk of Fame.

But he almost did not get a leading role in the film, which is now being transferred to Foxtel to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

Tom Cruise, who was already established when he was playing Infinite love in Risky business, the original role of Ren was originally offered.

Manufacturers desperately wanted to submit a Cruise but threw it back because of a dispute with a timeline with the 1983 film All the right moves.

Fortunately for Cruise, the rejection of a major role has not affected his career.

Cruise played one of the most famous films of all time, Top Gun, in 1986 and quickly became hot property in Hollywood.

The 56-year-old is still one of the biggest stars and one of the most paid players of all time. It is estimated to be around 550 million US dollars.

He is not the only player to offer him a concert.

Studio then turned to Rob Lowe's teenage star, who is now 54, who received critical and commercial attention in 1983 Outside.

The directors said that they had a "girlfriend's charm" that they were looking for.

And I guess I would have gotten a role, but during the dance, during a third audition, I kicked my knee and was not available for recording.

Lowe also enjoyed a successful career, but he is supposed to be confused at the time.

A former teenage heartbeat Blue Lagoon Christopher Atkins, aged 57, claimed that he had shoes for a major role, but his wild party of living was reassuring.

His career went to the bathroom just a little after the 1980 movie with Brooke Shields, a player who played in many movies directly on DVD. And that's that.

Atkins, who married Australian woman Lyn Barron in 1985 before disbanding in 2007, now has an alleged outdoor sports company and even patented a fishing bait. She has two children with her ex-wife – Grant, 35, and Brittney, 33.

In the episode of reality of 2009 Confessions, Atkins showed that he had got a part of the Rhine on a silver tray, but he fucked it.

"I had Footloose, and I went to meet with film producers and directors, but I was on my way to Palm Springs to have some fun, but I started to have fun (meeting), "he said.

"So I went in, face to face, and they saw this fool and they thought," We can not make this movie with this guy. "

"I made a mistake. I was a perfect idiot. It could be a completely different game for me.

Atkins' loss was Bacon's acquisition.

After moving to New York at the age of 17, who fought to find work, he waited for the tables and worked in the theater before joining Timothy Fenwick in the 1982 film. Dinner.

Here he came to the radar Footloose director Herbert Ross, who persuaded the producers to go with Bacon. And otherwise we would not have it.

The cult classic movie became an immediate commercial success when it was released in February 1984, which is 80 million US dollars at home and only $ 8 million.

While releasing some critical critics, the film is still one of the most prized films of all time, and with the same song, people still visit the dance floor.

Most importantly, she made a great Bacon star, as well as another A-lister, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played a small part of Rusty.

Four years later, it was a small show Sex and the city hit TV screens

A foot is available for Foxtel movement.

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