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Google Pixel 4 is once again noticeable in the wild


We already know a lot about Google Pixel 4 – and Google has already confirmed its existence. Now, the phone may have been detected for the second time in public.

New observation is available with 9to5Google, but it does not give us much new information about the device. We can also see a reverse camera, which we believe is a dual lens with a flash and a spectral sensor (to detect movements).

Observed in London underground, the phone is hidden in a generic case, so we do not see the front of the device or the software (which we think will be Android Q).

Even without major new details, there is another observation to remove before launching the phone. It appears that Google will launch the phone in October, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Google Pixel 4 leaks

(Picture Credit: 9 to5Google)

Last month, Google made an unusual step when it shot an image Pixel 4 early in the run-up from unofficial sources. A solid rear camera is shown on the back of the phone.

Other deserts suggested that the front of the phone be equipped with a larger upper frame and not a slot for insertion into the front-facing camera component, while again we expect a standard size phone and XL version.

The screens of the size of these phones can go up to 5.8 inches for Pixel 4 and 6.4 inches for Pixel 4 XL, which would be slightly larger than the Pixel 3 handsets that started in 2018.

Specs-wise, Pixel 4 is prone to come with the Snapdragon 855 inside and 6 GB of RAM. We will probably see some more images of Pixel 4 prototypes, which will run from now until October.

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