Get Xbox One S or PS4 for just $ 200 on GameStop Today


Black Friday is later this week, but if you want to get new hands on a new gaming console for cheap, you do not have to look at the long lines. GameStop offers early selling on Black Friday today and includes big savings on Xbox One S and PlayStation 4.

From today to November 26, you can buy Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle creators for $ 200, full $ 100 off their standard price. The bundle includes a 1TB Xbox One S full-frame console Minecraft, as well as Package Creators Pack and Starter Pack DLC and 1,000 Minecoins. As a sandbox and a creative game, the possibilities in Minecraft are almost boundless, making it a great first-place address for playing on your new system. Thanks to the update of Bedrock, you can also enjoy playing with players on the Nintendo switch, computer and even your mobile phone.

Want some games along with your system? Some new titles are now for sale, including Forza Horizon 4 for $ 40, Sea of ​​Thieves for $ 30, and Decay state 2 for $ 20. You can play all three with your friends, so be sure to sign up for Xbox Live Gold – the free trial version is usually included in the new systems.

If you are on the PlayStation 4 market, GameStop also has a lot on this console. You can buy a 1TB PlayStation 4 "slim" model for $ 200 – even a $ 100 discount – and GameStop will throw a copy Marvel's a spider-man for free. This is one of the best action games of the year, which perfectly creates a hero's move, along with strange, acrobatic struggles and a well-written story. It's also absolutely fabulous, and if you have a television with HDR technology, treat yourself with a visual treatment.

Many games will be sold at the same time, but if you spend at least € 35, you will receive a free transfer on the whole order. Games that cost $ 40 include God of war in Detroit: Become a man, in the meantime Uncarted 4: Thief's End will be available for only 15 dollars. If you are looking for some additional PS4 controllers to join with your system, they can become your $ 39.

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