Facebook has tried to deflag the attacks in 2016: The New York Times


Taxi driver. Preparing for a possible public offering next year, Uber the growth in gross provisions for its drive and food delivery rose 41% in the third quarter of last year to $ 12.7 billion. Revenues rose 38 percent to $ 2.95 billion, and the company's net loss totaled $ 1.1 billion, up 27 percent from a year earlier. Uber also introduced a customer loyalty program called Uber Rewards, with four benefit levels based on points acquired from the use of company services. At the highest level of "diamonds" customers get priority, access to the highest rated drivers and 24-hour phone support, among other add-ons. Lyft this week presented his plan, but Mashable's Uber rate is superior.

Smooshed. The price of cryptocutents collapses again. Bitcoin decreased by 12% last day, while XRP (Ripple), the second largest virtual coin, lost 9%, Ethereum's Ether decreased by almost 13% and Bitcoin Cash fell by 9%. It is difficult to find a reason why, although, as we reported yesterday, IMF Director Christine Lagarde gave a speech that pressed the central banks to start their digital chips.

Tumbleweeds and pavilions. Latest Auction License License Federal Communications Commission a modest start began on Wednesday, with initial bids in the first two rounds worth a total of just $ 42 million and around a third of the 5G-rated licenses that did not even get an initial offer. Verizon already owns about half of the licenses in the 28 GHz frequency band, including in a number of major city locations that may reduce the interest of bids.

Ice tempo. Microsoft This year it has improved the representation of women from the bottom to the top of the company: among their trainees, technical roles and senior management. Between June 30, 2017 and June 30, 2018, Microsoft's global workforce ranged from 25.5% to 26.6% of women. In technical roles, representation of women increased from 18.5% to 19.9%. Among trainees, women ranged from 40.4% to 42.5%. In leadership, representation of women increased from 18.8% to 19.7%.

There's a trillion, it's a trillion, you're talking about real money soon. On Wall Street, shares Apple lost 3% on Wednesday, the fifth consecutive fall date reported by iPhone suppliers of slow-motion demand parts. The five-day drop cut $ 107 billion from Apple's market value of $ 886 billion today. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says that everything is noisy and requires the purchase of shares. Cisco SystemsThe latest quarterly revenue rose 8 percent to $ 13.1 billion and adjusted earnings rose 23 percent to 75 cents per share. Both were better than expected analysts, and Cisco shares received 4% on trade in brand names on Thursday.

Follow the money. Last year's corporate tax surplus included additional sweet treats of some of the largest technology companies that allowed them to return largely untaxed profits abroad and pay only a 8% tax rate. Where did the money go? At Apple, Alphabet, Cisco, Microsoft, in Oracle capital investment increased by 42% in the first three quarters of 2018 to almost $ 43 billion Financial Times reports. However, the redemption of shares almost doubled to 115 billion dollars. Apple is among the most extreme examples, increased its investments by 14 percent to almost US $ 15 billion, while purchases for stocks rose to $ 63 billion.


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