Sunday , August 1 2021

Elon Musk announces Tesla's new technology that dogs will be safe

Tesla's Cars of Elon Musk will have a "dog mode" to protect their pets from overheating.

An entrepreneur billionaire announced that the new program will be launched next week into its fleet of electric vehicles of the model 3, The sun reports.

It will find out when a pets are locked inside the car – and keep the temperature at a safe level.

It will probably also be a display or some form of communication that informs visitors that the dog is safe.

The new update comes after a technical guru is flooded with tweets of customers.

In October, one of the drivers of Tesla asked Mr. Musk: "Can you put a dog's way on the Tesla 3 model?

"Where is the music playing and the air conditioner is turned on, with a screen on the screen saying:" Is it good that my owner will come back? "

The entrepreneur replied: "Yes".

Although it is still unclear how the new system will work, it is likely to be an extension of the Tesla system to protect against overheating.

This already prevents temperatures inside the car from reaching dangerous levels when the children or pets are inside.

But the screen in Tesla models is likely to flash the message to pedestrians to inform them that the pets are safe in it.

The "dog mode" update will start at the same time as the "guard" mode – designed to prevent potential thieves.

On Wednesday, Mr. Musk responded to a relative of Tesla owner whose car window was broken.

Twitter user wrote: "What's the update in the watch mode? In the last two months, the legal brother broke the window twice. "

Mr Musk replied: "The Sentry (and Dog Mode) mode will appear next week."

The Watcher mode will use the control panel to record the images in case of an invasion attempt.

It is said that the car will play loud classical music through the stereo system to alert the intruder – and I hope it will scare them.

This article originally appeared on The sun and is reissued with permission.

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