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Charles Manson, the house of murder Jayme Clossa, are for sale


Will death become theirs? Two recently published houses were known to murder.

The classic Los Feliz, California, home to the market since July 11, boasts breathtaking views, but also where members of the Charles Manson cult in 1969 brutally killed Lena and Rosemary LaBianca. where Jayme Closs was kidnapped, and in 2018 her parents, James and Denise, were also murdered, as well as for sale. Recently, he was on the list of real estate websites Fannie Mae,, in the property list in the list "Soon".

These two properties are certainly not the only homes that have been sold over the years: homes of JonBenet Ramsey, Nicole Brown Simpson and Amityville Horror have been bought. However, it is rare if two such notorious hits hit the market at the same time.

While they have both past, these two assets can not be different. The Manson Homicide Center, located at 3311 Waverly Drive, is a space that stretches out in the Mediterranean style of 154 square meters and is located in the 1920s. dining room, covered terrace and large yard. Described in the list, which claimed $ 1.98 million ($ 2,83 million) as "true, unique", is marketed as a "very rare opportunity" to own the home.

They did not mention the main reason that it is so unique that the city in Hollywood is a horror story. Although, according to the California Civil Code, sellers must voluntarily disclose death in their home if it happened in the last three years. But most people are still aware of the famous crime that took place half a century ago. Here, LiBiancas, a food store owner and his wife, were murdered after Manson's disappointment over the killing of starlet Sharon Tate from the night before. This home in Benedict Canyon was bought by the founder of Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor, who destroyed him after recording his hit album. Spiral down in the nineties.

LaBianca House, on the other hand, remains very similar to what it did when Manson's family visited undesirable. We only added a pool and a roof. It seems that sellers who bought a home for $ 335,000 at in 1998 wanted to free the home of his reputation and changed the title from 3301 to 3311 Waverly Drive. But sellers could use their history as a point of sale, making it a 50th anniversary of the murder this year, and Quentin Tarantino's Once in Hollywood is set to release.

As quoted by stockbroker Robert Giambalvo Los Angeles Times Because of the history of the house, the deliberate price was just below the market value. "The event that happened 50 years ago will eliminate some market," he said. "It's also a good strategy for marketing all homes just below market value in order to increase interest." It seems that this tactic has worked – already the first day of the presentations were already interested buyers.

Closs House is much less luxurious, but more and more terrifying. The list – which was removed when the news came out but did not have a price for a short period of time when it was live – described a home with three bedrooms at 1268 US Highway 8 as "conveniently located." It boasts two cars under the garage and a "nice sauna", all "on a very nice wooded plot of 1.24 hectares". In 2001, it was last sold for $ 87,500 and is worth around 125,900 US Dollars ($ 178,000), says

Again, in the former copy of the list there is no mention of the terrible activities that have occurred here. Last October, Jake Patterson kidnapped 13-year-old Jayme Closs after killing his parents. Closs spent 88 days with his kidnapper before he finally escaped. Patterson later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison life. Closs never returned home and now lives with his aunt.

This article originally appeared on NY Post and was reproduced with permission

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