Thursday , July 29 2021

Calvin Klein's brand of sleepwear is on sale

When Ingrid Bonnor was 19, she was modeled with Calvin Klein.

While studying marketing at the university she shared her time with brands such as Triumph and Bendon, along with a luxury American label.

She appeared on their catwalks and designed a model for the first line of linen in Australia.

Little did she know that her small company, which developed in the living room of Gold Coast, one day, took over the world's luxury brand in sales – and is popular amongst the stars.

Following her modeling days, Mrs Bonnor, 37, launched her Homebodia sleep brand in 2012.

Since then, she had a 200% growth yoy and at the end of last year she achieved sales in Australia at The Iconic, which in the category of sleep was carrying big names such as Calvin Klein.

Despite offering different sleep options – this was her first product that helped break down sales – a simple chiffon and lace dress.

"When I was pregnant with my daughter, I could not find the clothes I liked or the one that suited my style," said Mrs Bonnor for

She went on an experiment, made some clothes for her friends before she was lucky in her local market.

"I made about 100 and sold them completely," she said.

"They were mostly sold out to brides and brides, because at that time there was nothing like it.

"It was very niche, so I thought I found something with a unique offer."

With the valuable experience gained during her model days, Mrs Bonnor continued with the development of a sleepwear company – she eventually dropped her daily PR service to focus on her label.

"Because of my background in modeling, I could call some services – for other models that appeared in clothes," she said.

The brand did not take much time to gain worldwide attention.

In the first year her signature subject was taken over by the American retailer, Urban Outfitters, and in the next six years, this would be the best-selling wedding dress.

"People want to wear something simple, but elegant, before they get married, while they make their hair with their friends," she said.

The online designer clothing brand, Revolve, was next on the list, followed by 34 Australian stores, David Jones.

In September 2016 he presented his first runway appearance at the New York Fashion Week.

It was a big hit with celebrities such as Sophie Monk, who was campaigning for 2017, but was mainly chasing brides.

Like most small businesses, the mother of two also experienced her challenge.

"For me, she guided growth, infrastructure and logistics management of the company," she said.

"Everything we did was reinvested into the company. We were careful not to expand and grow organically. "

"It's about having good people because you are just as good as the team you are in."

Mati-of-two initially invested $ 25,000 to launch its business, which is now a multimillion-dollar company.

"I never decided to earn money – I just wanted to fill my creative void after modeling," she said.

With her 14-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, Mrs Bonnor said that finding the balance as a working mother contributes to the challenges.

"One thing I want to do is get them out of school. I will work by 3 pm, go after them, cook and I will start working again by night – you really need to find the balance that suits you, "she said.

Homebodies are now launching in the leading US supermarket Nordstrom.

"When I visited them, there were about 10, and I thought that everything I could do was I," she explained.

"I remember that my daughter called me when she said that she had forgotten money for lunch, and I told them," I'm so sorry, I have to accept this call "- and they liked the story of my mom.

"With other mothers, there is a common position, so I employ mothers and offer a flexible, timely, magical recipe. You have to take it from day to day. "

In December, the brand launched its Curve series with the Australian model, Margaret McPherson.

As a former, curved model, Mrs Bonnor said that it is important to celebrate all kinds of shapes and sizes.

"It's funny I ended up with a business that focused on the wedding, as the laundry started so for me."

"It was an incredible platform for me personally, as a way to return the community."

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