Thursday , August 5 2021

Actress Monica Potter lost her role after Harvey Weinstein's rejection

Actress Monica Potter revealed that she starred in the Oscar-winning film after aggressively rejecting Harvey Weinstein's sexual advancement.

The Parenthood the star claimed in a new interview she released with Candy Kendall in 1999 Rules for the cider house because she is the "dog" of the former film producer Weinstein because he tried to have sex with her three times when they met to discuss the role played by Charlize Theron.

"I did not do something, so I dropped it," the 47-year-old said during an interview with US television WKYC.

"I'm not saying that the person who got it said that I was not," Potter pointed out carefully.

"He tried three times with me," Potter remembered. "He was twice in New York and once in London."

The Together with the spider the actress revealed that she "stuck" Weinstein, "where she hurt", in one of his attempts to have sex with her.

"I hung it. I hung it very well … I really hit him where it hurt, "she said.

"Well, yeah, I've missed this role for this hairy pig."

The star added that she was "grateful to all the women who got up" and turned to the accusations against Weinstein.

The disgraced producer Weinstein accused her of Potter through an agent who sent WKYC a statement.

The statement said that Weinstein sees Potter as "a gifted player for whom she has great respect."

"Final decisions about this House of cider the creative team was alone. Approximately 100 people attended auditions and there were two people, which is a very good position, "he said.

"Weinstein and Mrs. Potter, who came from this, have never been anything but respect and professionalism He thinks very much in 1998 they only had a friendly and friendly relationship, and all the suggestions or arguments were simply wrong. "

Rules for the cider house he was nominated for Oscar for Best Picture and won two Academy.

In May, the Weinstein sexual assault will begin in New York. The 66-year-old faces five threats of allegedly unconventional encounters with two women.

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