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A young man, aged 22, who lives only five years, changes his body within 12 weeks

A 22-year-old man from Cornwall, who has only five years of life, has changed his body while fighting with a malignant brain tumor.

Ollie Jowett, from St Austell, now has an item that could be compared to a bodybuilder after starting a 12-week fitness program that included intense exercise and a strict diet while fighting against brain cancer.

He managed to lose 10 pounds and build muscle, although his health was sometimes so bad that he could not walk the stairs.

Ollie first wanted to find work as a personal trainer in his home town, but he left his life in Cornwall after offering him a job in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

His life was turned upside down only a few months after moving when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, reports Cornwall Live.

Ollie started his transformation course 12 weeks ago

Ollie said: "It was a little shocking.

"You can only do such a cry. I was 100% from the beginning to change negative to positive. Life does not stop. I do not regret it because they have all the problems they face …"

"As a personal trainer, I know how difficult it is for people to lose weight and excuses that people face – lack of motivation, lack of time, lack of will.

"I wanted to use my illness to inspire people and get myself in the best form of my life."

According to Ollie, cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, is not actually a possibility because they are "so risky".

Ollie wants to inspire people to push themselves

His health deteriorated at the end of 2017 and he worked hard to work long hours, so he had to reduce the number of clients with whom he worked.

Ollie then decided to start publicly sharing his journey to raise awareness of what life is like with cancer, and he created an Instagram account called Project Beat Cancer.

From her diagnosis, Ollie has focused on becoming healthier by exercising and eating foods that are rich in nutrients to help her body fight cancer.

Twelve weeks ago, Ollie decided to start a body transformation scheme, called Ultimate Performance, with the aim of inspiring his customers to push.

Ollie is beautiful before and after the pictures

He said: "The 12-week transformation was the most difficult process in my life. To be honest, there was not a single day when I did not think about giving up. It undoubtedly broke me.

"Trying to find energy for training and looking for energy for work alone is terrifying.

"But even though my health is a problem, my health was what I was in the first place. I had to remember constantly when I wanted to quit.

"It was not just six packages. It was not a purpose. The purpose was to get to the end so that I could inspire other people with my story. «

The 22-year-old can only live for five years

Ollie said that during the program "rises and falls" – and a few days it was completely "impossible" when his symptoms were the worst.

But the guidance and support of his trainer helped him to move through the toughest points.

He added: "For a few days, I would feel too weak to walk down the stairs. This can happen so badly. Walking to the store can be difficult, let alone 15,000 steps.

"I would just do what I could do, and this was the commitment I had to myself and my coach Ummar and to this process.

"Training was difficult. It will not be easy. If you want to get into the best shape of your life, there will be no walk around the park.

"I had cancer for several days when I was sick and just told him that I could not train, or I was in bed all day, because I was really sick. He was totally compassionate and sensible about this. «

While pleased to improve her body, Ollie says that the most important advantage of the fitness regime is now stronger "mental, physical and emotional".

He said: "It's good too, it will not hurt. He still does some things for Tinder. "

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