A woman says that the operator triple-0 ignores the driver's death message


A Queensland woman claims that an operator with a triple zero-pronged warning alerted to the accident of the truck, and is afraid that the driver could cost his life.

Retired nurse Michelle Murray says that she and her family woke up around 23 hours on Tuesday with a violent mud that knocked her house near the Logan motorway near Tanah Merah.

She said she looked out the window and was looking for a place to create an accident, while her neighbors were driving up and down the road looking for them. But they did not find anything.

The next day, at 6 am, Mrs. Murray looked over and eventually discovered the wreckage of a truck wreck that fell from an elevated part of the highway, a landing in a place that is difficult to see.

Mrs Murray says she immediately called three times-0 to report what she found, but no one seems to have been sent to investigate.

The police gave different versions of the time when they came to the scene.

Acting senior leader Benjamin Reeve told reporters that the police "visited" around 9.30 am on Wednesday.

But the police media unit issued a statement in which the officials learned about the accident from a passerby at 10.40.

Anyway, it was hours after Mrs. Murray said that at 6.08 pm she called three times zero.

Ms Murray wants answers about what she has done with the information she has provided and intends to file a formal complaint with the police.

It is afraid that a slow response might have cost the driver to live. Police found a 57-year-old body in wrecks.

"I'm totally shocked and upset when people can simply choose something so serious. It includes life," she said. ABC radio.

The Queensland Police Service announced on Thursday that it was aware of Mrs Murray's concern and "to review all the circumstances".

"The investigation of the cause of the accident is being carried out separately with Forensic Crash," the service said.


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