2nd year student wins battle to get girls on Nutri-Grain cereals


Lara Lauth


November 6, 2018 15:25:06

A few months ago, Dalia Lee, 8, noticed something she did not like at all – something was missing from the back of the Nutra-Grain grain: girls.

Key points:

  • Kellogg stated in its statement that in 2019 it would include female figures on Nutri-Grain boxes
  • The initial written response did not mention the change
  • Daliah said she would wait to see what had happened

Now, after embarking on a multiple campaign, she managed to implement the promise of change from the parent company of the grain, Kellogg, itself.

First, a student of Canberra wrote a letter to them for 2 years.

"Dear Kelloggs … I noticed this on the back of Nutra Grain on the morning [sic] Fields are just pictures of guys who are doing something great. Why are not girls on the back? "She wrote.

"Can you stop this from being unfair?"

She explained the reasons for her passionate attitude to RN Drive.

"[I was] very disappointed! Because they were once my favorite grain brand, but now they are back, "said Daliah.

"It's important for me because I want girls and men and boys and girls to believe they can do this because they see that they can do it."

Her classmates agreed.

"I just told them that someone was named Simon:" Go Dali! Replace it! Replace! Replace! "Daliah said.

"I was," OK! All right, now you can calm down. "

With the help of her mother, Annabelle Lee also launched a petition, which has since gained more than 370 signatures.

"We appreciate your feedback": Kellogg answers

The company's first response to the letter was less than ideal in Dali's eyes. She said she was "boring" and did not include a change plan.

"We highly value your feedback and we will forward your comments to our product development group," Kellogg said in a letter.

On Friday, Kellogg stated in a statement that their Nutra-Grain boxes will be women next year.

"As a company that values ​​diversity and inclusiveness, and if we hear Dalia's passion, we are dedicated to ensuring that the last part of the package is regularly updated with footage of both women and men," he said.

"Updated packaging will again hit the shelves in 2019 and beyond, so we can continue to inspire all Aussie, regardless of gender."

A spokeswoman said that Kellogg had in the past presented women on Nutri-Grain packaging and was intended to equally support men and women.

"Like Dali, we also think that girls are more than capable of excellent things, and for almost 40 years now we have been supporting a series of iron men and iron women, this is a competition that we are proud to award women the same men's money prizes" said the representative.

The spokesman said Kellogg was "proud advocate" of AFLW and that the Australian leadership team had 50% of women.

Daliah said she would not support the grain until she saw women on the Nutra-Grain box with her own eyes.

He also has some long-term plans for his future: "I will be the Prime Minister!"


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