Yellow fever: why is it necessary and where to use the vaccine?


In recent weeks, hospitals and health centers have been the protagonists of extensive species and camps for yellow fever vaccine.

One of the most demanding cities was the Directorate for Health at the Borders, located in the La Boca district of Buenos Aires, where hundreds of people have been waiting for an injection for more than 12 hours.

Information you need to know:

Are there vaccines? According to the secretary for the health of the nation, The state has all the necessary provisions for those who need it. "The vaccine is enough and we are on an unprecedented level", was provided by the director for the control of immune preventable diseases.

Where to vaccinate? Click here to learn more about where to vacillate. In addition, in recent hours, it has allowed the number 147 to demand shifts.

About public hospitalsSome of them are Muñiz, Pirovano, Argerich and Durand. Regarding private places, Vacunar, Previvax and Stamboulian are some of those who can take all those who want to use the vaccine. Price is about 300 USD.

What do you need to present for vaccination? You only need to wear a national identification document (DNI) or passport.

When should you have a vaccine? At least 10 days before, although doctors say they should vaccinate one month earlier.

What is yellow fever?

As stated by the Minister of Health of the Nation, The disease can be affected by the bite of mosquitoes; in cases of severity it can lead to death.

Anyone traveling to an area where the disease is high; In the case of children and the elderly, the risk of developing symptoms is even greater, and should be vaccinated.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), There is a long list of risk areas; In Latin America the most important are Brazil, Ecuador or Colombia.

Yellow chills do not have special treatment, therefore the use of vaccine is very necessary. In addition, more containers that accumulate water in the home and always use repellents and lightweight clothing with long sleeves will be a priority.

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